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Watson buys opulent 9 million dollars beachside home in Bronte  Jan 30, 4:35 pm
Sydney, Jan 30 (ANI): Australian swashbuckling all-rounder Shane Watson and his wife Lee have bought an eye-catching luxurious four bedroom home in Bronte, a beach side suburb of Sydney, for a whooping sum of nine million dollars.
Blame your mum for being a flop in bed  Jan 7, 12:36 pm
London, Jan 7 (ANI): A new study has revealed that problems in the bedroom may be related to 'mummy issues' and how good a relationship a man has with his mother.
How 'Fifty Shades' helped evolve latest sex trends   Jan 5, 12:23 pm
London, Jan 5 (ANI): A new study has listed down sex trends that will rule 2015 and includes dirty talk, sex toys and kinky bedroom antics to name a few.
Mario Balotelli quashes 'pre-match sex' rumours  Oct 17, 2:22 pm
London, Oct 17 (ANI): Mario Balotelli has quashed the rumours about him indulging in bedroom activities before he goes for a match.
Charging phone in bedroom can make you fat  Oct 8, 11:59 am
London, Oct 8 (ANI): A new study has revealed that charging your phone in your bedroom could make you put on weight, as the artificial light from phone screens, street lights, laptops or television stops the body generating a hormone that combats obesity.
Pets just as bad as money woes for couples' sex lives  Sep 20, 1:06 pm
London, Sept 20 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that over 40 per cent of British couples are having less sex in 2014 because of financial woes, their hectic lives and their pets intruding in the bedroom.
Beyonce, Jay-Z planning to buy $85m LA mansion  Sep 18, 12:42 pm
Washington, Sept 18 (ANI): Beyonce and Jay-Z are reportedly planning to buy 85million dollars LA mansion with 8 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms.
KimK says her twerks are reserved only for bedroom  Jul 1, 4:06 pm
London, July 1(ANI): Kim Kardashian has revealed that her twerking skills are only for bedroom and not for the clubs, during a recent episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'.
Having TV in bedroom helps couples enjoy sex twice as much  May 30, 12:33 pm
London, May 30 (ANI): A new study has revealed that couples have double the amount of sex if they have a television in their bedroom.
Williow Smith hits back at critics over bedroom pic with 'shirtless' Moises Arias  May 22, 1:19 pm
Wellington, May 22 (ANI): Willow Smith has hit back at critics for the controvicila picture with shirtless Moises Arias on a bed, saying that she doesn't need validation from anyone but herself.
Reese Witherspoon gives bedroom tips in elevator   May 9, 2:03 pm
New York, May 9 (ANI): Reese Witherspoon recently gave bedroom tips in an elevator, which has been captured in one of the videos posted by Cara Delavigne's on her Instagram account.
Clarke purchases 'respectable' five-bedroom home in Sydney for 8.5 mln-dollars  May 1, 3:36 pm
Sydney, May 01 (ANI): Australian captain Michael Clarke has reportedly purchased a respectable five bedroom home in Sydney's harbourside suburb of Vaucluse for 8.5 million-dollars.
How to know if your partner is faking it  May 1, 2:26 pm
Washington, May 1 (ANI): Even though it is a known fact that men only care about their own pleasure in the bedroom, the truth is that most men are very invested in their partner's sexual experience.
Now, condoms that will act as wingman in the bedroom  May 1, 1:43 pm
London, May 1 (ANI): A new condom has been created to give clumsy males some help in the bedroom, which can be easily put on with just one hand.
Sofia Vergara is a 'tiger' in the bedroom   Apr 17, 4:48 pm
Washington, April 17 (ANI): Sofia Vergara has admitted that she is a "tiger" when it comes to her sex life and hopes that her businessman fiance Nick Loeb, appreciates her for it.
Miranda Kerr admits to liking feedback post sex  Apr 1, 1:03 pm
Melbourne, April 1 (ANI): Miranda Kerr has revealed that she's a perfectionist in the bedroom and asks for feedback after she has sex.
Pistorius' defence team accuses police photographer of 'disturbing evidence' at crime scene  Mar 19, 9:25 am
London, Mar 19 (ANI): The defence team of murder-accused Oscar Pistorius has reportedly accused the South African police staff of mishandling the crime scene during the 12th day of the Paralympian's trial at Pretoria.
Jobless dad of 18 to get 300k pound home from taxpayers' money   Mar 16, 1:53 pm
London, Mar.16 (ANI): A father of 18 children from 10 different women, who accused the council bosses of violating his human rights by refusing him a six-bedroom house, is now set to get his wish fulfilled.
Woman found `sleeping` in Justin Bieber`s rented Atlanta home arrested  Mar 7, 4:25 pm
Washington, March 7 (ANI): A woman who was found sleeping in a bedroom at a home in suburban Atlanta rented by Justin Bieber, has been arrested by the police.
Bedroom TV, active gaming leads to weight gain in kids  Mar 5, 10:29 am
Washington, March 5 (ANI): Researchers have conducted studies to find the link between bedroom TVs, active gaming and weight issues in children.
Arthritis and painful joints biggest spoilers in sex between couples   Feb 20, 10:26 am
London, Feb. 20 (ANI): Experts have said that the arthritic aches can have a devastating effect on bedroom antics of the couples.
Fellaini buys two mln-pound home near new Man U teammate Giggs  Feb 16, 1:51 pm
London, Feb 16 (ANI): Manchester United player Marouane Fellaini has reportedly bought a seven-bedroom house worth two million pounds near his veteran teammate Ryan Giggs in an upmarket area of Manchester.
Smartphones in bedrooms linked to rise in sleep related disorders among users  Feb 11, 4:49 pm
Sydney, Feb 11 (ANI): Sleep researchers have advised people to keep their smartphones far away from their bed, as they have led to a rise in sleep-related problems.
John Lennon's 'Sgt. Pepper' mansion up for grabs at 14 mln pounds  Jan 8, 11:55 am
London, January 8 (ANI): John Lennon's six-bedroomed mansion in Weybridge, Surrey, where he wrote 'Sgt. Pepper', is up for sale for 13,750,000 million pounds.
Kejriwal refuses to occupy five bedroom government flat alloted to him  Jan 4, 11:03 am
New Delhi, Jan 4 (ANI): Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal today decided not to take two Type VI duplex apartments alloted to him on Bhagwan Dass Road, as Delhi's new Chief Minister.