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J.Lo wonders why she hates being alone  Mar 12, 12:54 pm
Washington, March 12 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez has admitted that she's not OK being alone, but what she is yet to find out is why she doesn't like it.
J Lo likes 'little turbulence' in love life  Jan 29, 2:08 pm
Washington, January 29 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she likes a little turbulence in her love life, though she also wants stability.
J.Lo 'still believes' in institution of marriage   Jan 16, 11:09 am
Washington, Jan 16 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez has confessed that she is unsure if marriage is on the cards with toyboy Casper Smart.
J.Lo 'unsure' about fourth marriage  Jan 15, 2:00 pm
Washington, Jan 15 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez isn't sure she will ever marry for a fourth time with boyfriend Casper Smart, despite him being "fantastic" with her children.
J Lo's boyfriend denies split rumors  Nov 27, 6:02 pm
Washington, November 27 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend trashed rumors that they are headed for a split.
J.Lo and toyboy Casper Smart 'heading for split'   Oct 15, 10:07 am
London, Oct 15 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez and her toyboy lover Casper Smart are reportedly heading for a split as they claimed that the 'spark' in their relationship had fizzled out.
J.Lo reveals insecurities about singing and love life  Sep 4, 4:24 pm
London, September 4 (ANI): American actress-singer Jennifer Lopez has reportedly admitted that even though she had sold 70 million records, she felt insecure about her singing and also had high standards when it came to toyboy boyfriend Casper Smart.
J.Lo enjoys b-day BBQ at new estate  Jul 22, 5:09 pm
New York, July 22 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 44th birthday at her new Water Mill estate in Hamptons, on Saturday.
Is Jennifer Lopez set to marry Casper Smart?  Jun 30, 5:37 pm
Washington, June 30 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez has told her friends that she is reportedly planning to marry her boyfriend, Casper Smart, without any prenuptial agreement.
Is JLo planning baby with beau Casper Smart?  Jun 9, 4:46 pm
Washington, June 9 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez is reportedly looking forward to have a baby with boyfriend Casper Smart.
JLo calls Casper Smart 'love of life'  May 27, 4:22 pm
Washington, May 27 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez is planning to marry Casper Smart as she has a feeling that he is the 'love of her life.'
J Lo hasn't given up on marriage  May 15, 4:17 pm
Washington, May 15 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez is apparently hopeful that she would marry her boyfriend, choreographer Casper Smart, whom she began dating in October 2011, just after her third marriage fell apart.
J-Lo set to buy Hamptons mansion for $10m  May 15, 10:49 am
Washington, May 15 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez has reportedly agreed to buy a luxury summer home in the Hamptons for 10 million dollars.
I was freaking out when son Max needed stitches, says J.LO  Apr 29, 4:11 pm
Washington, April 29 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she had a brief 'moment of panic' when her 5-year-old son Max was bleeding under his chin and required stitches.
JLo opens up about devastating marriage break-up and her new beau  Jan 24, 11:50 am
London, January 24 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez , who is one of the most famous women on the planet - with a gilded lifestyle, beautiful children and millions flowing in from films, music and fashion - has revealed that even getting out of bed was a struggle as she faced the aftermath of the devastating break-up of her marriage with Marc Anthony.
J.Lo and beau Casper Smart adopt puppy together  Jan 21, 4:07 pm
Washington, Jan 21 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, who have been dating for more than a year, recently adopted a puppy together-a little brown boxer they named "Bear."
J.Lo reveals insecurity over romance with toyboy Casper Smart  Jan 17, 2:39 pm
London, Jan 17 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez has admitted to being plagued by insecurity over her romance with her 25-year-old toyboy Casper Smart.
J.Lo sits awkwardly on toyboy's knee during photo session at football match  Dec 23, 2:52 pm
London, Dec 23 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez perched awkwardly on her boyfriend Casper Smart's knee at a celebrity football match in Puerto Rico on Saturday.
JLo goes on shopping spree with toyboy Casper Smart and her twins in Oz  Dec 13, 3:19 pm
London, December 13 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez, who is presently in Melbourne on her Dance Again tour, stepped out to do some shopping ahead of her performance with her twins and beau Casper Smart.
J.Lo and Casper Smart go engagement ring shopping?  Dec 7, 2:52 pm
London, December 7 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez and her toyboy lover Casper Smart were seen browsing diamond rings at a Tiffany 'n' Co. store in Perth on Thursday, sparking rumours that there could be wedding bells in the air for a fourth time for the singer and actress.
JLo's made toyboy Casper Smart sign confidentiality agreement   Nov 3, 10:40 am
Melbourne, Nov 3 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend Casper Smart is legally bound to keep their relationship under wraps, as he signed a confidentiality agreement when he started working with her, it has been revealed.
JLo-Casper Smart celebrate 1-yr dating anniversary on Twitter  Oct 28, 3:07 pm
Washington, October 28 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, who have been dating since her split from husband Marc Antony, celebrated their one-year anniversary on Thursday and put on the most public display of affection on Twitter.
J.Lo sports Real Madrid jersey on day out in Spanish city  Oct 8, 5:21 pm
London, Oct 8 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez ditched her trademark racy gowns for a Real Madrid T-shirt as she left her hotel in the Spanish city.
Casper Smart plays doting dad to JLo's twins   Sep 30, 5:40 pm
Washington, Sept 30 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez's toyboy Casper Smart is not just pampering the popstar but has also become a devoted dad to her twins, and makes it a point to spoil the kids, it has been revealed.
J.Lo wants to have kids with toyboy Casper Smart  Sep 2, 12:32 pm
London, Sept 2 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez, who already has four-year-old twins with former hubby Marc Anthony, has revealed that she is thinking of having children with her new her new toyboy Casper Smart.