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Indian designer gives sarees whole new avatars  Jul 4, 3:43 pm
New Delhi, 4 July (ANI): While we never get tired of the traditional way of draping a saree, the ethnic Indian attire has bloomed out to new silhouettes, cuts, and draping styles in recent times.
Chris Christie's 'tell it like it is' campaign may cut both ways  Jul 1, 12:17 pm
London, July 1 (ANI): As Chris Christie unveiled his 'tell it like it is' campaign for the United States presidency, selling himself as a true, 'blunt' New Jerseyan, he has probably overlooked the fact that the state's reputation for sharp speech cuts both ways.
Greek PM Tsipras threatens to resign over referendum result  Jun 30, 2:36 pm
London, June 30 (ANI): Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has threatened to resign over a snap referendum's result on the country's debt crisis, saying that he would not stay in office to oversee more cuts if Greece votes yes.
Longer secondary schooling cuts risk of HIV infection, especially for girls  Jun 29, 11:38 am
London, June 29 (ANI): Longer the secondary schooling significantly lowers the risk of HIV infection, especially for girls, claims a new study.
Dalai Lama cuts 80th birthday cake on Glastonbury stage  Jun 29, 11:09 am
London, June 29 (ANI): Thousands cheered on as the Dalai Lama received a cake on main stage at Glastonbury Festival to mark his 80th birthday.
Shia LaBeouf hospitalised post suffering severe head cuts while filming  Jun 25, 12:41 pm
Washington DC, June 25 (ANI): Shia LaBeouf suffered a massive head injury after a stunt went wrong during filming in North Dakota, and has been hospitalised.
Yoga cuts across differences of colour, caste and creed: PM Modi  Jun 21, 1:04 pm
New Delhi, June 21 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that yoga helps individuals and societies to discover a sense of oneness and added that the reach and spread of the discipline cuts across the differences of colour, caste and creed.
Munching on 'chocolate' helps cut heart disease, stroke risk  Jun 16, 12:19 pm
Washington, June 16 (ANI): If you miss out on chocolate thinking it's not good for you health, then there is good news for you, as a new study has claimed that eating up to 100 grams of chocolate daily cuts heart diseases and stroke risks.
Syrian Kurds' victory over Tal Abyad cuts off vital IS supply route  Jun 16, 11:48 am
London, June 16 (ANI): Syrian Kurdish fighters have reportedly seized control over the Islamic State-held town of Tal Abyad, cutting off a vital supply route used by jihadists.
Malaysian Airlines to become an 'entirely new company'  Jun 10, 12:47 pm
London, June 10 (ANI): Malaysian Airlines boss Christoph Mueller has announced that the airlines will now become an "entirely new company" which may involve 6,000 job cuts.
Arvind Subramanian welcomes latest RBI repo rate cut  Jun 2, 3:46 pm
New Delhi, June 2 (ANI): Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian on Tuesday welcomed the decision by the Reserve Bank of India to cut the repo rate by 25 basis points from 7.5 percent to 7.25 percent in the monetary policy review, opining that these cuts are consistent with trends in the economy.
RBI cuts Repo Rate by 25 basis points, CRR unchanged at four percent  Jun 2, 11:59 am
New Delhi, June 2 (ANI): The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Tuesday announced a cut in Repo Rate by 25 basis points to 7.25 percent from 7.5 percent in the monetary policy review. The Central bank has kept the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) unchanged at four percent.
Kerry cuts short foreign trip after suffering injury in bicycle crash  May 31, 6:24 pm
Washington, May 31 (ANI): U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has reportedly cut short his week-long foreign trip after suffering a leg injury in an accident while cycling in the French town of Scionzier, just 30 miles from Geneva, where he attended talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.
Jaitley dubs Congress' claim of cuts in social sector 'jugglery of figures'  May 27, 8:47 am
New Delhi, May 27 (ANI): Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said that Congress' claim of drastic cuts in the social sector spending by the government as a mere 'jugglery of figures'.
Early diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes cuts risk of heart disease  May 19, 2:07 pm
Washington, May 19 (ANI): The early detection and screening of Type 2 diabetes could result in substantial health benefits and reduce the risk of heart diseases.
Half hour of exercise 6 days a week cuts death risk by 40 pc  May 15, 11:44 am
Washington, May 15 (ANI): Indulging in physical activities for 30 minutes 6 days a week could slash death risk from any cause in elderly men by 40 percent, claims a new study.
US secures splendid victory over terror as CIA cuts off Al Qaeda's funding channels  May 11, 4:28 pm
London, May 11 (ANI): An American crackdown on Al Qaeda's funding channels has left leader Ayman Zawahiri looking for ways to channel cash.
Quitting smoking at 60 cuts heart attack risk within first five years  Apr 23, 11:49 am
Washington, Apr 23 (ANI): A new study has indicated that older people at age 60 can lower the risk for heart attack and stroke within the first five years if they quit smoking.
It's Official! Drinking coffee does cuts risk of breast cancer recurrence  Apr 22, 1:01 pm
Washington, April 22 (ANI): Ladies, it is official! Your cuppa of coffee has the potential to cut risk of breast cancer recurrence.
`Disgraced` Salman Butt seeks `repentance` for role in spot-fixing scandal  Apr 15, 2:03 pm
Karachi, Apr 15 (ANI): Pakistan's disgraced former Test captain Salman Butt has once again sought forgiveness for his infamous role in the 2010 spot-fixing scandal, insisting that he is a changed man now, as he advises youngsters to avoid shortcuts in life.
Now, dating app Rendeevoo that eliminates 'small talk, ' cuts straight to cocktails  Apr 14, 5:08 pm
Washington, April 14 (ANI): Touting itself as an "Uber for real life dates," iOS dating app Rendeevoo eliminates the chat element from online dating and instead, cuts straight to cocktails.
Health spending cuts in India will lead to continued inadequate services: Experts  Apr 10, 11:02 am
Washington, Apr 10 (ANI): A new study has suggested that spending cuts in India will hurt already inadequate health services.
Sir Cliff Richard cuts a forlorn figure as sex case takes its toll on him  Apr 8, 3:45 pm
London, Apr 8 (ANI): The strain of living under suspicion showed on the face of Sir Cliff Richard as he waited to welcome friends to Barbados.
Republican Rand Paul launches presidential bid with promises of tax cuts, end to surveillance  Apr 8, 11:09 am
London, April 8 (ANI): Senator Rand Paul has kicked off his presidential campaign with a moderated version of libertarianism that is expected to set him apart from the Republican pack.
Diet low in fats, sugars cuts risk of heart diseases in adults over 40  Mar 19, 10:52 am
Washington, Mar 19 (ANI): A new study has revealed that consuming a healthy diet low in saturated fat and sugar can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in men and women over the age of 40.