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Vin Diesel wells up while honoring late Paul Walker   Mar 23, 10:18 am
Washington, Mar 22 (ANI): Vin Diesel choked down while honoring his co-star and friend Late Paul Walker at the screening of 'Furious 7'.
Justin Bieber sued by egging victim for being called 'little Jew boy'   Mar 20, 9:47 am
Washington, Mar 20 (ANI): Justin Bieber has been sued by his former neighbour whose house was egged by the singer and his pals claiming that he and his wife have suffered emotional distress because the singer's bodyguard called him "little Jew boy".
Former employee sues Facebook for gender discrimination  Mar 19, 2:30 pm
Washington, March 19 (ANI): A former Facebook employee, who was sacked in 2013, is suing the social media giant for sex discrimination, sex harassment, race discrimination, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, among other allegations.
Work-family clashes make employees verbally abusive towards workers, loved ones  Mar 11, 11:16 am
Washington, March 11 (ANI): If you are one of the people who faces a conflict between work and family, chances are, the emotional exhaustion can turn you verbally abusive towards your co-workers and loved ones, suggests a new study.
Vin Diesel says shooting for 'Fast And Furious 7' was 'arduous' post Walker's death  Mar 10, 3:44 pm
New Delhi, Mar 11 (ANI): Vin Diesel, who was deeply upset by the news of his 'Fast And Furious 7' co-star Paul Walker's untimely death in a devastating car crash in California in 2013, has recalled that he found it emotionally challenging and tedious to continue shooting for the film.
Emma Watson says hoax nude photo leak threat left her 'raging'  Mar 9, 2:01 pm
Washington, Mar. 09 (ANI): Emma Watson has expressed that hoax nude photo leak threat, after her emotional speech at the United Nations about feminism, has left her "raging and angry."
Ryan Phillippe suffers from depression since childhood  Mar 3, 5:35 pm
Washington, Mar 3 (ANI): Ryan Phillippe has revealed that he went through a lot of emotional struggles of his on-screen characters and has felt like tortured at times.
British pilot proposes 'credible' theory for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370's final resting place  Mar 3, 2:57 pm
Melbourne, March 03 (ANI): A senior Boeing 777 captain has reportedly proposed a new theory for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370's final resting place that claims that the plane's pilot took the aircraft on an emotional "last farewell" near the pilot's home island of Penang, before landing it deliberately in the ocean.
J.K. Rowling cried after watching 'The Casual Vacancy' finale on BBC  Mar 3, 1:10 pm
Washington, Mar 3 (ANI): J.K. Rowling got emotional when she saw the finale of the BBC adaptation of her novel 'The Casual Vacancy' on BBC One.
'Weird' Graham Moore says attempted suicide at 16 in 'moving' Oscar speech   Feb 23, 3:02 pm
New Delhi, Feb 23 (ANI): 'The Imitation Game' screenwriter Graham Moore, who grabbed the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for the movie, won everyone's heart with his emotional speech.
Nitish does a Kejriwal, regrets 'emotional decision' to quit  Feb 20, 2:42 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 20 (ANI): Senior Janata Dal (United) leader Nitish Kumar, who is firm on making a comeback to silence his critics, on Friday emulated Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as he apologised to the people of Bihar for his 'emotional decision' to step down.
Father reveals Jamie Dornan's 'traumatic phase' post mother's death  Feb 15, 5:07 pm
London, Feb 15 (ANI): Jamie Dornan's father Jim Dornan revealed that the actor has gone through intense emotional trauma by the childhood loss of his mother.
Beyonce reveals reason behind Grammys' emotional performance  Feb 11, 4:30 pm
Washington, Feb 11 (ANI): Beyonce, who performed an emotional 'Take My Hand, Precious Lord' at 2015 Grammys, has revealed that she could recall her father's traumatic experience during her performance.
Emotional Kejriwal thanks Delhi public for historic win  Feb 10, 12:20 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 10 (ANI): Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday turned emotional as he thanked the people of Delhi for his party's historic win in the assembly polls and vowed to always walk on the path of truth.
'Emotional' Tandon withdraws resignation, vows to work for BJP  Feb 2, 4:05 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 2 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party's chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi's campaign manager Narendra Tandon on Monday withdrew his resignation and cited his "emotional" state of mind as the reason behind his earlier decision.
Using mobile devices to pacify toddlers may damage their social-emotional development  Feb 2, 11:34 am
New York, Feb. 2 (ANI): A new study has recently revealed that using mobile devices to pacify children may damage their social-emotional development.
Justin Bieber apologizes to fans for 'covering his true feelings'  Jan 30, 11:35 am
Washington, Jan 30 (ANI): Justin Bieber put his fans in a bit of dilemma when he shared an emotional video saying he's been pretending, and covering up his true feelings, begging for their mercy.
Army Chief, other officers pays homage to martyr Col M.N. Rai  Jan 29, 12:24 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 29 (ANI): Amidst emotional and stoic scenes, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Dalbir Singh, Vice Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Phillip Campose and other senior officers, besides rank and file, paid tribute to martyred hero Colonel Munindra Nath Rai, the commanding officer of 42 Rashtriya Rifles.
'Kindness curriculum' linked to better performance among preschoolers   Jan 27, 1:47 pm
Washington, Jan 27 (ANI): In a new study, scientists assessed preschoolers on a special curriculum with aim to promote social, emotional and academic skills, and found that the kids did better in school.
Meet the world's first `emotional robot` designed to serve people with dementia  Jan 26, 10:31 am
Wellington, Jan. 26 (ANI): A new robot has recently been developed that help take care of people with dementia by recognizing their emotions.
Men, women do process emotions differently  Jan 21, 11:03 am
Washington, Jan 21 (ANI): A new study has revealed while women find emotional images more emotionally stimulating than men and were more likely to remember them, there are no gender-related differences in emotional appraisal when it comes to neutral images.
KP converts 'haters' in Oz to 'lovers' with 'emotional' stints in BBL post England sacking  Jan 15, 5:02 pm
Sydney, Jan 15 (ANI): Sacked England batsman Kevin Pietersen, who was once the most hated cricketer for Australian fans, has made the critics' take a u-turn on their views regarding him following his antics in the Big Bash League in Australia.
Cancer-stricken Brittany Maynard's widower recalls 'intense' final day  Jan 15, 3:56 pm
Melbourne, Jan 15 (ANI): Brittany Maynard's husband Dan Diaz has described, in emotional detail, her final hours.
'Emotional' Charlie Hebdo cartoonist defends latest cover cartoon showing Prophet Mohammad in tears  Jan 14, 3:41 pm
Melbourne, Jan 14 (ANI): A Charlie Hebdo cartoonist broke down as he defended the cover cartoon depicting a weeping Prophet Mohammed in the latest edition since the attack on the Paris offices of the satirical magazine.
Recipe for moving on from heartbreaks revealed  Jan 7, 10:56 am
Washington, Jan 7 (ANI): While we generally tend to avoid talks about a break-up, a new study claims that reflecting upon the incident can actually speed up the emotional recovery process.