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Ex-Australia Test cricketer Lindsay Kline passes away at 81  Oct 2, 6:50 pm
Melbourne, Oct. 2 (ANI): Former Australian Test cricketer Lindsay Kline, who is famously known for facing the final ball of the sports first tied match against the West Indies in 1960, has passed away at the age of 81.
Having famous actor Tom Hanks as dad turned me to drugs, says son Chet  Oct 2, 1:21 pm
Melbourne, Oct.2 (ANI): Tom Hanks son, Chet, has finally opened up about his struggle with drug addiction by posting a series of videos where he reveals that he is recovering from his cocaine consuming habit.
Cindy Crawford: I learned how to be famous from ex-Richard Gere  Sep 30, 11:17 am
Washington D.C., Sept. 30(ANI): Cindy Crawford, who is living a happy life with Rande Gerber and kids, has not opened much about her past in her autobiography, but has revealed that she has learned how to be famous from her former husband Richard Gere.
Mumbai's Street Food of Mohammed Ali Road comes to Delhi  Sep 29, 8:41 pm
New Delhi, Sept. 29 (ANI): Celebrating Eid with special recipes and uniqueness of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, Barbeque Nation has brought Mumbai's famous street food to Delhi with 'Magic of Mohammed Ali Road'.
Was Kaley Cuoco, Ryan's villa jinxed?  Sep 28, 2:42 pm
Washington D.C., Sept. 28 (ANI): Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting's villa seems to be cursed as the duo spent their last year living in the mansion previously inhabited by another famously divorced couple Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom.
Amir rubbishes rumours of practicing on rooftop during ban   Sep 22, 3:43 pm
Karachi, Sept.22 (ANI): Disgraced Pakistan pace bowler Mohammad Amir has rubbished rumours of practicing on rooftop while he was serving his five-year ban for his infamous role in the 2010 Lord's spot-fixing scandal.
Button considers World Endurance Championship switch post F1 retirement  Sep 22, 1:34 pm
London, Sept.22 (ANI): Former world champion Jenson Button is reportedly considering a switch to the famous Le Mans-style World Endurance Championship when he announces his retirement from Formula One.
Jon Hamm wins Best Actor Emmy after 16 tries  Sep 21, 11:22 am
Washington D.C., Sept 21 (ANI): The famous English phrase "try, try until you succeed" fits really well for Jon Hamm as he has won the 2015 Emmy Award for the best actor in a drama series after 16 unsuccessful tries.
Name-dropping per day to ramp up Heidi Fleiss` `black book` auction  Sep 20, 12:11 pm
Washington D.C., Sept 20 (ANI): Heidi Fleiss' infamous black book auction is all set to get ramped up with the release of the names of 10 A-list clients over the next 10 days.
Author Jackie Collins succumbs to breast cancer at 77  Sep 20, 11:26 am
Washington D.C., Sept. 20 (ANI): Famous American author Jackie Collins has passed away at 77 after battling with breast cancer.
'Cool' Sean Penn introduces daughter to ex-wife Madonna  Sep 19, 4:10 pm
Washington D.C., Sept. 19 (ANI): Did you ever imagine that Sean Penn will make his model daughter Dylan Penn meet his famous former wife Madonna? But this recently happened after the singer's NYC concert.
Ansari in Cambodian city of Siem Reap  Sep 17, 12:50 pm
Siem Reap (Cambodia), Sept.17 (ANI): Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari has arrived in the Cambodian city of Siem Reap to see the world famous Angkorvat temple.
`Downton Abbey` season 6 `dramatic` trailer released   Sep 15, 4:29 pm
Washington D.C., Sept 15 (ANI): The famous British drama series 'Downton Abbey' season 6's new trailer has been released that hints at a lot of loose ends that the upcoming season will cover.
Coke Studio mourns Mecca crane crash, postpones next episode  Sep 13, 4:37 pm
Karachi, Sept. 13 (ANI): Pakistan's famous music show 'Coke Studio' has postponed the fifth episode of the current season, following the tragic incident in Mecca where a crane collapse caused the death of 107 people.
How director Reiner helped Meg Ryan fake orgasm in `When Harry Met Sally`  Sep 12, 11:35 am
Melbourne, Sept. 12 (ANI): Remember the scene when Meg Ryan had to fake an orgasm in the movie `When Harry Met Sally`? Here's how she did it perfectly and, yes, a man was involved in the famous scene.
Aimee Osbourne reveals she does not `socialise` with her `famous` siblings  Sep 9, 12:58 pm
Melbourne, Sept 9 (ANI): Aimee Osbourne, who has always stayed out of her famous family's spotlight, has now revealed that she is not at all close to her renowned siblings Kelly Osbourne and Jack Osbourne.
The End of the Affair  Sep 8, 11:22 am
New Delhi, Sept.8 (ANI): "Insecurity twists meanings and poisons trust," wrote the famous novelist and ex-British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) officer - Graham Greene, in his novel The End of the Affair. Something like this afflicts Pakistan in its relations with both its neighbours, Afghanistan and India and even with its main benefactor, the United States. No wonder that this has hampered its relations with all three. There are no signs of the insecurity disappearing mostly because it is an irrational feeling of successive regimes' self-induced paranoia along with grandiose views of themselves.
Becks considers playing Bond in forthcoming 007 flick  Sep 7, 3:53 pm
London, Sept. 7 (ANI): David Beckham has reportedly added his name in the probable's list as the next James Bond after sources said that he was considering himself playing the lead as famous British agent.
PM Modi to visit Bodh Gaya on September 5  Sep 2, 1:42 pm
New Delhi, Sept. 2 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be offering prayers at the world famous Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, Bihar on September 5.
'Real' Miley Cyrus denies having celeb-pals unlike Taylor Swift  Sep 1, 12:27 pm
Washington D.C., Sep.1 (ANI): Everyone knows Taylor Swift has a nice bunch of model and celebrity friends, but unlike this, Miley Cyrus has admitted that she doesn't need famous people to be friends with.
BJP lashes out at Kejriwal for cosying up to Lalu  Aug 28, 12:26 am
New Delhi, Aug.27 (ANI): BJP on Thursday slammed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal about his newfound association with the RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav who was notoriously famous for corruption in Bihar.
`Big Bang Theory` stars are Forbes' highest paid TV actors in 2015  Aug 26, 12:44 pm
Melbourne, Aug 26 (ANI): Like any other comedy fan you must have always liked to watch the world's famous sitcom series 'The Big Bang Theory' but have you ever wondered how big are the stars of this series are paid?
ISIS using videogame-styled remote controlled 'car bombs'  Aug 24, 4:48 pm
London, Aug 24 (ANI): Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants are using remote controlled toy cars to bomb enemy areas, just like in the famous video game "Call Of Duty".
Caitlyn Jenner sons find mother's Vanity Fair cover shoot 'too sexy'   Aug 24, 11:54 am
Washington. D.C. Aug. 24 (ANI): Caitlyn Jenner recently revealed that her sons Brody, Brandon and Burt have supported her famous Vanity Fair cover and believes that their mother's shoot was very sexy.
Beautification of Dal lake shoreline enhances tourism  Aug 24, 9:47 am
Srinagar, Aug.24 (ANI): In a bid to increase tourism potential in Srinagar, the local authorities are undertaking a beautification and cleanliness drive of the world famous Dal Lake's shoreline.