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'Creative' Justin Bieber gives artistic touch to new music video  Jun 30, 3:44 pm
London, June 30 (ANI): Justin Bieber has showcased his brilliant artistic skills in a newly released behind-the-scenes clip of Skrillex and Diplo's song 'Where Are You Now'.
Here's what your favorite celeb's penis called!  Jun 21, 8:25 pm
London, June 21 (ANI): Stars like Macaulay Culkin, Sir Tom Jones, Justin Bieber and many other seem following the footsteps of Channing Tatum as they gave some bizarre names to their penises.
Taylor Swift needs 'bestie' Selena Gomez's blessing to collaborate with Justin Bieber  Jun 21, 8:25 pm
Washington, June 21 (ANI): Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are reportedly eager for a collaboration, but for this the 'Shake It Off' singer might require her bestie and Bieber's former lover Selena Gomez's permission and blessings.
Justin Bieber, Usher to face copyright lawsuit over 'Somebody To Love'  Jun 19, 11:12 am
Washington, June 19 (ANI): Justin Bieber and his fellow singer Usher, who collaborated on 2010 song 'Somebody to Love', might face a jury trial as a federal judge has appealed court to reinstate 10 million dollars for copyright lawsuit against singers.
And Justin Bieber`s mantra for perfect body is..  Jun 14, 12:18 pm
Washington, June 14 (ANI): Justin Bieber has recently revealed that workouts and healthy diet are the secrets behind his perfectly shaped body.
Justin Bieber talks about 'growing as a man'  Jun 13, 3:10 pm
Washington, June 13 (ANI): Seems like, Justin Bieber is giving a peek-a-boo about the 'changes' that are going on in his life as the 21-year-old singer talked about growing up in a recent interview.
Justin Bieber avoids jail by pleading guilty in ATV assault case  Jun 5, 12:50 pm
Washington, June 5 (ANI): Justin Bieber has managed to avoid jail time by pleading guilty in Ontario ATV assault case.
Justin Bieber clarifies he's 'not gay'  Jun 2, 7:27 pm
London, Jun 2 (ANI): Justin Bieber kissed his male friend, but before any speculations on his sexuality he clarified that he is not a gay.
`Boxer fetished` Justin Bieber won't repeat underwears  May 23, 3:31 pm
London, May 23 (ANI): Justin Bieber has revealed the most bizarre fact about him, that he doesn't wear boxers more than once.
Did Vanessa Hudgens help BFF Selena to avoid her ex Justin Bieber?  May 23, 2:55 pm
Washington, May 23 (ANI): American actress Vanessa Hudgens has revealed that she and her bestie Selena Gomez accidently avoided her former love interest, Justin Bieber who bumped into her at the star-studded Met Gala recently.
Justin Bieber looking out for 'marriage material' girlfriend  May 14, 10:04 am
London, May 14 (ANI): Justin Bieber, who recently claimed that his former girlfriend Selena Gomez is his perfect soul mate, has now expressed desire to be with a girl who is 'marriage material.'
Kris Jenner wants Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber to be the next Brangelina  May 13, 2:58 pm
London, May 13 (ANI): Kris Jenner has admitted that she wants her daughter Kendall Jenner and her good friend Justin Bieber to be the next Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Justin Bieber is 'disappointed' with himself  May 13, 2:13 pm
Washington, May 13 (ANI): Justin Bieber has confessed that he is disappointed with himself as he was rebellious and in that effect he did some wrong acts that he shouldn't have.
Justin Bieber 'hates being apart' from ex Selena Gomez  May 13, 11:55 am
London, May 13 (ANI): Justin Bieber has confessed that her former girlfriend Selena Gomez is his soulmate, and that hates being apart from her.
Justin Bieber 'in control of rage' post 'Anger Management Programme'  May 12, 12:01 pm
Washington, May 12 (ANI): Justin Bieber's famous egging case is close to being over as he has completed most of the term.
Justin Bieber thanks mom on Mother's Day for continued support during 'rebel phase'   May 11, 12:25 pm
London, May 11 (ANI): Justin Bieber thanked his mother for not giving up on him during his "rebel phase."
Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez set rumour mill running at Met Ball  May 6, 3:40 pm
Washington, May 6 (ANI): Justing Bieber and his former girlfriend Selena Gomez set rumours flying when they met at the 2015 Met Gala in NEw York City recently.
'Grown-up' Justin Bieber seeks forgiveness from fans post bad-boy behavior   Apr 30, 2:03 pm
London, Apr 30 (ANI): Justin Bieber seems to have learned his lessons from his mistakes and hopes that his fans will forgive him now as he is all grown up.
Justin Bieber gatecrashes high school prom   Apr 28, 10:47 am
Washington, Apr 28 (ANI): Justin Bieber recently crashed into a Southern California high school prom party that causes chaos among the students as the singer even stepped on the dance floor.
Justin Bieber snubbed by Floyd Mayweather ahead of fight against Pacquiao  Apr 26, 10:45 am
London, Apr 26 (ANI): Justin: Bieber has been snubbed by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather after the boxing champion decided not to share the spotlight with the singer for next weekend's fight against Manny Pacquiao.
Justin Bieber reaches settlement in paparazzo assault case   Apr 25, 11:02 am
Washington, Apr 25 (ANI): Justin Bieber may finally breathe a sigh of relief as his paparazzo assault case has reached a settlement agreement.
Ariana Grande wanted to hurt me Justin Bieber's embrace, claims Big Sean   Apr 24, 1:33 pm
Washington, April 24 (ANI): Big Sean has claimed that Ariana Grande used Justin Bieiber as a weapon, and staged the recent on stage embrace, to hurt him.
Big Sean and Ariana Grande split after dating for 8 months   Apr 21, 10:31 am
Washington, Apr 21 (ANI): Big Sean and Ariana Grande have split just weeks after singer's raunchy performance with Justin Bieber, however, it is believed that Bieber's sensual act has nothing to do with duo's split.
Justin Bieber, Ryan Fitzgerald got into a brawl at Coachella  Apr 15, 4:22 pm
Melbourne, Apr 14 (ANI): Nova FM host Ryan Fitzgerald has revealed that he had a physical altercation with Justin Bieber at the Coachella music festival.
Justin Bieber kicked out of Coachella after chokehold by security  Apr 14, 9:58 am
Washington, Apr 14 (ANI): Justin Bieber was kicked out from Coachella festival after being chokehold by the security at the entrance, it has been reported.