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India and US relationship like that of husband and wife, quips PM Modi  Sep 30, 1:37 am
New York. Sept. 29 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that India and the US are connected in many ways, and the openness of their philosophies and their love for democracy are two traits that both nations share.
Nathan Lane makes fun of Sarah Jessica Parker's 'shoe fetish'  Sep 29, 5:52 pm
Washington, Sept 29 (ANI): Nathan Lane recently made fun of his Broadway co-star and pal Matthew Broderick's wife Sarah Jessica Parker's love for shoes.
Harry Styles likes to wear 'tightest' women's jeans  Sep 29, 2:31 pm
London, Sept 29 (ANI): Harry Styles shops for women's jeans because they are the tightest and he loves that, it has been revealed.
Now, Cannabis chocolate to give people with sweet tooth a legal high!  Sep 29, 11:54 am
London, Sept 29 (ANI): A Californian firm has come up with weed-laced chocolate bar that is reportedly ideal for 'cannabis patients with a love for chocolate and a refined palate'.
Why Taylor Swift's cat is never her bag  Sep 27, 3:50 pm
Washington, Sept 27 (ANI): Taylor Swift was recently spotted carrying her beloved cat, Olivia Benson, but she has a reasonable explanation.
Bradley Cooper eager to start family  Sep 27, 1:33 pm
Washington, Sept 27 (ANI): Bradley Cooper has said that he is very eager to start a family adding that he would love to be a father one day.
John Mellencamp claims 'nothing's over' with ex-Meg Ryan  Sep 27, 12:51 pm
Washington, Sept 27 (ANI): John Mellencamp has claimed that "nothing's over" with his former lover Meg Ryan as he has not "quit" on her after their recent split.
Bruce Jenner gives Lamar Odom 'love advice' to win back Khloe K  Sep 26, 5:27 pm
Washington, September 26 (ANI): Bruce Jenner is reportedly helping Lamar Odom win back his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian and has given him love advice.
I love cooking, says Madhuri Dixit  Sep 26, 5:14 pm
New Delhi, Sept 26 (ANI): Madhuri Dixit, who was recently spotted in New Delhi has said that she loves cooking.
Two-third of Brit love-cheats 'sext' other lover while in same room as spouse  Sep 25, 12:50 pm
London, Sept 25 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that 64 percent of Briton cheats "sext" their other lovers in the presence of their spouses in the same room.
Clooney's pornstar ex vows to wreck his Italian wedding  Sep 25, 12:42 pm
London, Sept 25 (ANI): George Clooney's porn star ex-lover has revealed that she would gatecrash his Italian wedding to Amal Alamuddin.
I would love to see Kate Middleton in my lingerie designs, says Britney Spears  Sep 24, 12:06 pm
London, Sept 24 (ANI): Britney Spears has expressed her desire that she wants the Duchess of Cambridge to model her new lingerie designs.
Taylor Swift invites fans to her LA pad for secret '1989' album listening session  Sep 23, 3:43 pm
Washington, Sept 23 (ANI): Taylor Swift recently invited 35 of her loyal fans to her Los Angeles home on Saturday for a secret listening session of her upcoming album '1989'.
Most passionate sex is 'quickie' at 10pm post storming row   Sep 23, 12:27 pm
London, Sept 23 (ANI): A new study has revealed that sex with a loved one is most passionate at 10 pm after a storming row.
Irrfan Khan, Kangna Ranaut to star in Indo-French project 'Divine Lovers'  Sep 23, 11:57 am
Washington, Sept 23 (ANI): Bollywood stars Irrfan Khan and Kangna Ranaut are set to star in Indo-France co-production film 'Divine Lovers.'
Groupie reveals that 'massively endowed' David Bowie was a 'wonderful lover'  Sep 23, 11:35 am
New York, Sept 23 (ANI): A groupie of David Bowie has revealed that the Brit musician was a "massively endowed" and a "wonderful lover".
Is Kim K to make cameo as horny bear's lover in 'Ted 2'?  Sep 22, 2:29 pm
London, Sept 22 (ANI): Makers of the upcoming sequel of the 2012 hit film 'Ted' want Kim Kardashian to make a cameo in the film as the foul-mouthed teddy bear's lover.
Is Chris Martin 'falling hard' for new love J Law?  Sep 20, 12:56 am
Washington, Sept 20 (ANI): Chris Martin is reportedly falling in love with his new girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence.
Madonna's 8-year-old son auditions for mum's new single   Sep 19, 11:42 pm
London, Sept 20(ANI): Madonna's 8-year-old adopted son David Banda recently auditioned to be a backing dancer for singer's new single 'Living for Love'.
Ryan Gosling 'madly loves' his baby girl with Eva Mendes  Sep 19, 6:28 am
Washington, Sept 19 (ANI): Ryan Gosling is "madly in love" with his newborn baby daughter with Eva Mendes, it has been revealed.
Iggy Azalea's ex-beau opens up about relationship with blonde rapper   Sep 18, 5:07 pm
London, Sept 18 (ANI): Iggy Azalea's former beau Hefe Wine, who now claims to have a sex tape with Azalea, opened up about his relationship with the rapper including love he had for the rapper.
Peter Andre loves being 'strict', 'fun' dad  Sep 18, 4:42 pm
London, Sept 18 (ANI): Peter Andre has revealed that he loves being "the strict dad and also the fun dad."
Drunken Sharon Osbourne once 'slit her wrist' to prove 'love' for Ozzy   Sep 18, 2:12 pm
Washington, Sep 18 (ANI): Sharon Osbourne recently confessed that she once, while she was drunk, slit her own wrist in order to prove her love for Ozzy Osbourne
Now, a drive-thru funeral window that allows for 'quick' mourning from car  Sep 17, 4:28 pm
Washington, Sept 17 (ANI): A Michigan funeral home has introduced a drive-thru funeral window that allows people to mourn for their lost loved ones from car.
Why Jada Pinkett Smith loves playing 'hot headed' Fish Malone in 'Gotham City'  Sep 17, 3:30 pm
London, Sept 17 (ANI): Jada Pinkett Smith loves her role as Fish Malone, who's a "hot headed little woman," in the upcoming TV show 'Gotham.'