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Monica Lewinsky's mail ditched from latest batch of Clinton docs released online  Apr 19, 1:09 pm
Washington, April 19 (ANI): An email from Monica Lewinsky has been omitted from the Clinton library's latest document dump due to privacy reasons.
Wine bottle with Hitler's face expected to fetch 2k pounds at auction  Apr 17, 4:48 pm
London, April 17 (ANI): A rare wine bottle with Adolf Hitler's face is expected to fetch 2,000 pound in an online auction.
Lady Gaga left humiliated post leaking of un-airbrushed pics   Apr 17, 2:44 pm
London, Apr.17 (ANI): Lady Gaga was recently left embarrassed after her un-airbrushed pictures from her Versace campaign were leaked online.
One in four kids feel embarrassed by parents' online antics  Apr 17, 12:58 pm
London, April 17 (ANI): More than 29 per cent British kids feel humiliated by their parents online, a new survey has revealed.
White Goggle Glass 'Cotton' star of single day sale  Apr 17, 12:58 pm
Washington, Apr. 17 (ANI): Google, which made its wearable eye device Google Glass available online in the United States Tuesday for just one day, sold out the white, or 'Cotton' color model, becoming the star seller.
Shraddha Kapoor walks the ramp for Rohit Bal's new online collection  Apr 16, 4:05 pm
New Delhi, April 16 (ANI): Shraddha Kapoor was recently spotted walking the ramp for designer Rohit Bal, who unveiled his exquisite collection for in Mumbai recently.
Microsoft set to update Office Online   Apr 15, 2:26 pm
Washington, Apr 15 ( ANI): Microsoft is reportedly planning to update its Web-based Office Online suite.
Nigeria becomes biggest economy in Africa (Update:Nigeria)  Apr 14, 2:16 pm
London, Apr. 14 (ANI): Nigeria has become Africa's biggest economy, after the government announced a long-overdue rebasing of the country's gross domestic product.
Human Barbie posts stunning selfies sans makeup online  Apr 13, 12:48 pm
London, April 13 (ANI): Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, has revealed her "true self" by posting some stunning selfies online without wearing her ususla "plastic-like" makeup.
Dependence on email hinders business productivity  Apr 12, 2:39 pm
Wellington, April12 (ANI): Employees dependence on email as the primary mode of communication has caused a lack of business productivity.
Al-Qaeda mag calls on followers to 'assemble bombs' to attack US airports  Apr 11, 2:36 pm
Washington, Apr. 11 (ANI): In a new issue of online English-language magazine, Inspire, al Qaeda is calling on its followers within the U.S. to attack American airports.
Online ad revenues surpass broadcast TV for first time in US history  Apr 11, 2:06 pm
Washington, Apr 11 (ANI): Online ad revenue in the US has reportedly surpassed broadcast TV sales for the first time ever.
DiCaprio rubbishes online death rumours   Apr 11, 10:30 am
London, April 11 (ANI): Leonardo DiCaprio has dispelled the rumours that he was fatally injured in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland.
MI5 files on Mata Hari's secrets to go online  Apr 10, 5:27 pm
London, Apr.10 (ANI): Mata Hari's secrets are set to be revealed, as MI5 files on spies from World War I will go online.
India made second-highest number of user data requests to Google in 2013   Apr 10, 10:48 am
Washington, Apr. 10 (ANI): India ranks second in Google's latest Transparency Report, focusing on law, policy and access to information online.
Yahoo set to acquire high-end original video programming  Apr 8, 1:18 pm
London, Apr 8 (ANI): Yahoo is planning to boost their online videos efforts by acquiring high-end original video programming.
Video of Japanese model exercising with poodles goes viral  Apr 5, 12:52 pm
London, Apr 5 (ANI): A surreal exercise video featuring Japanese model Mariko Takahashi and a team of poodles has gone viral online, 10 years after it was made.
Scary things women say to men on dates revealed  Apr 4, 5:48 pm
Washington, April 4 (ANI): an online user thread on Reddit has revealed some of the scariest things women say to men on dates that make them bolt.
Now, Sex Calculator to measure how much calories you burn while making love   Apr 4, 1:38 pm
London, Apr.4 (ANI): A team of researchers recently created an online instrument to measure the amount of energy lost during a love making session.
Online porn may sound death knell for 'lad mag' Nuts magazine   Apr 2, 5:17 pm
London, April 2 (ANI): The publisher of Nuts magazine has announced that they have entered into a 30-day consultation with their staff about folding.
Teen shatters longest video game marathon world record  Apr 2, 1:05 pm
Washington, April 2 (ANI): A teenage girl broke the world record for longest video game marathon on a massively multiplayer online role-playing game on Sunday.
Saudis engage in online debate over marriage sans parental consent  Apr 1, 6:58 pm
Dubai, April 1 (ANI): The legal case of a Saudi father, who was deported from Canada after he reacted violently to his daughter's decision of marrying a Canadian man, has reportedly triggered a heated online debate among the people of Saudi Arabia.
8-year-old 'Hercules' takes internet world by storm   Apr 1, 4:01 pm
Washington, April 1 (ANI): An 8-year-old boy from Ireland, dubbed Mini-Hercules, has become an online sensation, thanks to his rippling six-pack abs.
Yahoo in talks to acquire online video service NDN in $300mln deal  Apr 1, 3:13 pm
Washington, Apr. 1 (ANI): Yahoo is in preliminary talks to acquire online video service News Distribution Network for 300 million dollars.
Do's and don'ts while putting up your profile pic on dating websites  Mar 31, 4:59 pm
New York, Mar.31 (ANI): Photos with tigers, duck face or shirtless snaps make online daters cringe when browsing profiles on dating services like Tinder.