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Kourtney Kardashian's beau 'freaks out' about her 3rd pregnancy  Sep 2, 1:54 pm
London, Sept 2 (ANI): Kourtney Kardashian's longtime lover, Scott Disick, "freaked out" when the 34-year-old reality star revealed about her third pregnancy in the most recent episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashains' show.
New dads take 5 months to get the hang of fatherhood  Aug 29, 1:38 pm
London, August 29 (ANI): A new study has found that new dads take at least five months to get the hang of fatherhood.
Smoking during pregnancy affects future grandkids' growth  Aug 19, 1:39 pm
Washington, Aug 18 (ANI): A new study has revealed that smoking during pregnancy has discernible effects on the growth of a woman's future grandkids.
Filming 'Scandal' during pregnancy was challenging, says Kerry Washington   Aug 8, 3:02 pm
Washington, Aug 8 (ANI): Kerry Washington revealed that shooting for the last season of 'Scandal' was a "challenge" for her since she was pregnant.
Is Cheryl Cole 'expecting' already?  Jul 19, 12:53 pm
London, July 19 (ANI): Cheryl Cole pregnancy rumours have fueled ever since the close pal of her new hubby Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini called the singer "baby momma."
Kanye West eyeing baby boy, Kim K secret pregnancy   Jul 18, 11:59 am
Washington, July 18 (ANI): Kanye West, who is now father to baby North wants a baby boy with Kim Kardashian next, but she wants a secret pregnancy next time, according to reports.
Nick and Vanessa Lachey announce their 2nd pregnancy  Jul 16, 1:49 pm
Washington, July 16 (ANI): Nick and Vanessa Lachey are going to be parents again, this time to a baby girl, their rep confirmed.
Kim K says she was kidding about her controversial 'pregnancy tip'  Jul 14, 2:01 pm
London, July 14 (ANI): Kim Kardashian tried to set the record straight after the recent controversy over her recent tip to pregnant women by saying that she was just being sarcastic.
Now, biomarker that predicts 'preeclampsia' 6 weeks into pregnancy  Jul 9, 5:18 pm
Washington, July 9 (ANI): Scientists have discovered a biomarker that could give pregnant mothers and their doctors the first simple blood test to reliably predict if she would develop preeclampsia, at least as early as 6 weeks into the pregnancy.
Zoe Saldana's 'belly bulge' sparks pregnancy rumours   Jul 8, 2:18 pm
New York, July 8 (ANI): Zoe Saldana sparked pregnancy rumours when she stepped out in her tank top recently, which revealed, what seemed like a 'baby bump.'
Obesity before pregnancy linked to preterm births  Jun 26, 9:28 am
Washington, June 26 (ANI): Researchers have claimed that women, who are obese before they become pregnant, face an increased risk of delivering a very premature baby.
Midwifery pivotal in saving lives during pregnancy  Jun 23, 12:45 pm
Washington, June 23 (ANI): A new series has revealed that midwifery has a crucial part to play in saving the lives of millions of women and children who die during and around the time of pregnancy.
Antidepressant use by pregnant women could lead to obesity and diabetes in children  Jun 22, 8:54 am
Washington, June 22 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that women who take antidepressants during pregnancy could be predisposing their infants to type 2 diabetes and obesity later in life.
Kourtney K admits third pregnancy was 'unplanned'  Jun 9, 1:42 pm
Washington, June 9 (ANI): Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are pregnant with their third child, it was revealed.
Gutted' Lara Stone says she was axed from modeling job for being 'pregnant'  Jun 6, 4:30 pm
London, June 6 (ANI): Lara Stone has revealed that she was "really upset" after losing a modeling job and thinks that it had to do with her pregnancy weight.
What puts mother and child at greater risk for preterm birth  Jun 5, 9:12 am
Washington, June 5 (ANI): Researchers have demonstrated that women who have shorter birth spacing between the last delivery and their next conception have shorter pregnancy lengths, which puts mother and child at a greater risk for preterm birth.
Bristol Palin's ex Levi Johnston expecting 2nd baby with wife Sunny Oglesby  Jun 2, 4:39 pm
Washington, June 2 (ANI): Bristol Palin's former fiance Levi Johnston and his wife Sunny Oglesby announced their second pregnancy recently.
Active pregnant women could give birth without medical intervention: Study  May 29, 3:24 pm
London, May 29 (ANI): A new study has revealed that women who indulge in more activities during pregnancy are more likely to give normal birth.
What influences women's contraceptive use revealed  May 29, 11:48 am
Washington, May 29 (ANI): Researchers have claimed that levels of prior sex education and moral attitudes toward contraception influence whether women use contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.
Ashon Kutcher, Mila Kunis 'dance their way' through pregnancy!  May 28, 5:25 pm
Washington, May 28 (ANI): Ashton Kutcher and his fiance Mila Kunis took up ballroom dancing classes to stay healthy during her pregnancy.
'Pregnant' Christina Aguilera sticks to healthy diet to avoid weight gain  May 27, 4:30 pm
Washington, May 27 (ANI): Christina Aguilera is sticking to a healthy diet during her pregnancy as she doesn't want to gain as much weight as she did with her son Max.
Poor diet before pregnancy could lead to preterm birth   May 24, 2:01 pm
Washington, May 24 (ANI): A new study has revealed that there is a 50 percent chance that women might have preterm birth if they don't eat healthy before pregnancy.
UK surrogate mum addicted to pregnancy 'wants to have kids till womb falls out'  May 20, 4:54 pm
London, May 20 (ANI): A UK mum is so addicted to pregnancy that she has vowed to have kids "until her womb falls out".
Poor-quality sleep during pregnancy ups risk of weight gain in offspring during adulthood  May 18, 11:40 am
Washington, May 18 (ANI): A new study suggests that poor-quality sleep during the third trimester of pregnancy can increase the odds of weight gain and metabolic abnormalities in offspring once they reach adulthood.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher 'getting prepared for baby girl'  May 15, 2:31 pm
Washington, May 15 (ANI): Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are decking up for the birth of their soon to-be-born daughter, according to reports.