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Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara to star in 'Collateral Beauty'  Jun 10, 12:47 pm
Washington, June 10 (ANI): Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara are set to star opposite each other in 'Me And Earl's director, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon's upcoming movie 'Collateral Beauty'.
'Dheepan,' Vincent Lindon, Rooney Mara, Emmanuelle Bercot winners at Cannes  May 25, 11:28 am
London, May 25 (ANI): French film 'Dheepan' claimed Cannes Palme d'Or, as Vincent Lindon, Rooney Mara, Emmanuelle Bercot bagged best actor awards at Cannes Film Festival.
Rooney Mara set to star in 'Lion' alongside Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel  Apr 8, 11:45 am
Washington, Apr. 08 (ANI): Rooney Mara will be joining Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel in the upcoming movie 'Lion.'
2014's Best Actress Cate Blanchett to present Best Actor award at 2015 Oscars  Feb 12, 12:20 pm
Washington, Feb 12 (ANI): Cate Blanchett, who has won two Academy Awards, will be part of the prestigious event again, however, as an award presenter and not as a nominee.
`Kubo and the Two Strings` voice casts Matthew McConaughey, Charlize Theron   Dec 24, 2:03 pm
Washington, Dec 24 (ANI): Matthew McConaughey, Charlize Theron, Rooney Mara, Ralph Fiennes and Brenda Vaccaro have been cast as voice stars in 'Kubo and the Two Strings.'
Petition launched against Rooney Mara's Tiger Lily casting in 'Peter Pan' movie  Mar 21, 10:32 am
Washington, March 21 (ANI): A petition has been started against Warner Bros.' announcement that Rooney Mara will play Native American princess Tiger Lily in the movie adaptation of Peter Pan.
Kevin Spacey's 'House of Cards' co-star brands him 'best boyfriend'   Feb 13, 3:41 pm
London, Feb 13 (ANI): Kate Mara, who stars opposite Kevin Spacey in political drama 'House of Cards' as ruthless reporter Zoe Barns, has branded him the best on-screen boyfriend ever.
'HER' set to release on Valentine's Day  Feb 4, 10:55 am
New Delhi, February 4 (ANI): PVR Pictures is set to release 'HER' on Valentines Day.
Nicole Kidman attends CK bash just few hours after paparazzo bike crash  Sep 14, 10:46 am
New York, Sept 14 (ANI): Australian actress Nicole Kidman reappeared at glamorous party for Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa, a few hours after being hit by a paparazzo on two wheels outside her Manhattan hotel, adding that she was shaken, but is back on her feet.
Rooney Mara to play lesbian alongside Cate Blanchett in new flick  Aug 31, 12:10 pm
Washington, Aug 31 (ANI): Rooney Mara is set to romance Cate Blanchett in director Todd Haynes' new movie Carol after stepping in to replace Mia Wasikowska.
Rooney Mara named new face of Calvin Klein  May 18, 3:15 pm
Washington, May 18 (ANI): Rooney Mara has been unveiled as the face of Calvin Klein's new fragrance campaign.
Rooney Mara frets about death  Feb 18, 4:16 pm
New York, Feb. 18 (ANI): Rooney Mara has said that she sometimes wonders about how her film will be completed if she were to die part way through filming.
Sofia Vergara named 'most desirable woman'  Feb 1, 11:15 am
New York, Feb 1 (ANI): Sofia Vergara has been named the most desirable woman of 2012, in a poll conducted by men's online magazine
Rooney Mara to star in 'Side Effects'  Jan 31, 6:23 pm
Washington, Jan 31 (ANI): Rooney Mara has replaced Blake Lively in Steven Soderbergh's 'Side Effects'.
Rooney Mara doesn't want fame to harm her career   Jan 4, 2:39 pm
Washington, Jan 4 (ANI): Rooney Mara has admitted that she is worried that fame could be harmful to her abilities as an actress.
Daniel Craig passed out while filming 'Dragon Tattoo'  Dec 21, 2:49 pm
London, Dec 21 (ANI): Actor Daniel Craig actually lost consciousness while pretending to suffocate during a scene for his latest flick 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' as the cameras rolled.
Rooney Mara 'freaked' over nipple-piercing, shaved eyebrows for 'Dragon Tattoo'  Dec 21, 12:48 pm
Washington, Dec 21 (ANI): Rooney Mara has said that while she wasn't bothered by her non-glamorous role in 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', it was her makeover for the film that freaked her out at first.
Clive Owen offered 'Oldboy' villain role   Dec 19, 7:08 pm
Washington, Dec 19 (ANI): Clive Owen is in talks to play the villain in Spike Lee's forthcoming movie 'Oldboy'.
'Girl With Dragon Tattoo' now Rooney Mara's style statement  Dec 19, 5:36 pm
Washington, Dec 19 (ANI): Rooney Mara's style has changed completely after starring in 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'.
Rooney Mara cracked 'inappropriate jokes' to get through 'tough' shoot   Dec 13, 6:19 pm
Washington, Dec 13 (ANI): Rooney Mara has revealed that making "inappropriate jokes" with co-star Daniel Craig and director David Fincher helped her get through the "tough" scenes of her new film 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'.
Rooney Mara pierced nipple to play 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'  Oct 18, 7:37 pm
Washington, Oct 18 (ANI): Rooney Mara underwent extreme makeover by shaving her eyebrows and getting her nipple pierced, to play the protagonist in 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'.