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Obama to visit mosque in Baltimore, hold talks with Muslim community  Jan 31, 8:06 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 31(ANI): The White House announced that U.S. President Barack Obama is set to make his maiden visit during his presidency to an American mosque.
Michael Bloomberg considering third party run for the White House  Jan 27, 3:47 pm
London, Jan.27 (ANI): The United States Presidential campaign has been jolted because a report said that the former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was actively considering entering the race as an independent candidate.
US to disrupt ISIS jihadis' online propaganda with tech geek squad  Jan 8, 12:47 pm
Washington D.C., Jan 8 (ANI): Top White House officials will meet Silicon Valley's executives in a private meeting in San Jose to disrupt online radicalisation of young people by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
North Korea receives familiar response from White House over nuclear test  Jan 7, 12:37 pm
London, Jan 7 (ANI): North Korea has received a familiar kind of criticism from the White House prompted by the country's fourth nuclear test.
Meet Ben Hanisch- the new man in Amy Schumer's life  Jan 6, 1:22 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 6 (ANI): This New Year, stand-up comedian Amy Schumer has finally resigned from 'team-single' as she is dating a handsome guy who goes by the name of Ben Hanisch.
White House warns of firm action against N Korea if nuke test claim confirmed  Jan 6, 1:13 pm
Washington D.C., Jan 6 (ANI): White House National Security Council spokesman, Ned Price, has said that the Hydrogen bomb claim by North Korea cannot be confirmed as yet, saying that the US would respond 'appropriately' to all provocations by Pyongyang.
Trump reaching new heights in White House race  Dec 15, 11:50 am
New York, Dec. 15 (ANI): Republican front-runner Donald Trump has hit 41 percent support, resulting in the highest lead till now in a new national poll.
White House doubts North Korea developed hydrogen bomb  Dec 11, 11:27 am
Sydney, Dec. 11 (ANI): The White House has expressed doubts over North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's claim that the country had developed hydrogen bomb.
MSF hospital members march to White House over US airstrike  Dec 10, 5:16 pm
Kabul, Dec. 10 (ANI): Members of Afghanistan's Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) hospital marched to the White House on Wednesday to deliver petitions urging US President Barack Obama to permit an independent organization to carry out an investigation into the US airstrike on the hospital run by Doctors without Borders in Kunduz.
Pentagon warns Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric threatens national security  Dec 9, 11:03 am
New York, Dec. 9 (ANI): The Pentagon has warned that Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric weakens the national security of the United States and further encourages the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
White House hits out at Trump's 'Muslim Ban'  Dec 9, 9:35 am
Washington D.C., Dec.8 (ANI): The White House lambasted Donald Trump's statement demanding a ban on Muslims from entering the United States and said that his remark 'disqualified' him from becoming president.
Pak was preparing to use nukes during Kargil war, says ex-US official  Dec 4, 7:10 pm
Karachi, Dec. 4 (ANI): A former top White House official has claimed that the CIA had warned the then US president Bill Clinton that Pakistan was preparing to deploy its nuclear weapons and possibly use them at the height of the 1999 Kargil war against India.
Obama to meet Modi on sidelines of Paris Climate Summit  Nov 25, 11:26 am
Washington, Nov. 25 (ANI): The White House has announced that US President Barack Obama will be meeting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the upcoming Paris Summit.
Obama to honour Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand  Nov 20, 3:22 pm
London, Nov 20 (ANI): American singer Barbra Streisand and director Steven Spielberg will soon be the privileged ones as they will be awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama during a ceremony at the White House on November 24.
Engagements with India key element of Asia-Pacific rebalance: US  Nov 17, 8:34 am
New Delhi, Nov. 17 (ANI): Asserting that US' engagement with India is an important element of its Asia pacific rebalances, the White House welcomed India's positive role in ensuring a stable, peaceful and prosperous region.
Mike Tyson backs Donald Trump for White House  Oct 31, 4:30 pm
Johannesburg, Oct. 31 (ANI): Mike Tyson has backed 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump for the upcoming United States Presidential election next year.
Obamas celebrate Halloween at White House  Oct 31, 12:19 pm
Washington D.C., Oct. 31 (ANI): President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama recently hosted a Halloween carnival at the White House.
No nuclear deal with Pak, only talks: US  Oct 16, 5:55 pm
Lahore, Oct. 16 (ANI): White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest has said that US President Barack Obama and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would not sign any nuclear deal but would discuss nuclear issue during their meeting next week.
PM Sharif will raise issue of stalled dialogue with India with Obama: Aziz  Oct 13, 2:28 pm
Karachi, Oct 13 (ANI): Pakistan's Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs and National Security Sartaj Aziz has said that the stalled dialogue between India and Pakistan will be discussed in the meeting between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and US President Barack Obama on October 22 at the White House.
Chinese President Jinping 'says no' to naming Mark Zuckerberg's unborn child  Oct 5, 8:54 am
Shanghai, Oct. 5 (ANI): Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was left disappointed when Chinese President Xi Jinping refused his request to name his unborn child at a White House dinner last week.
Mark Zuckerberg arrives hand-in-hand with `pregnant` wife at White House State Dinner  Sep 27, 11:47 am
Washington D.C., Sept. 27 (ANI): You must have always seen Mark Zuckerberg dressed in casuals, but he carries off formal outfits with the same charm, as he was spotted all suited up at The White House for a State Dinner with pregnant wife Pricilla Chan.
Obama, Putin to discuss Ukraine crisis next week in New York at UNGA  Sep 25, 12:34 pm
Washington D.C., Sept. 25 (ANI): The White House has confirmed that US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin would meet during the latter's visit to New York to attend the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) next week.
Obama to honour Xi with 21-gun salute amid tensions over cyber crime  Sep 25, 12:34 pm
Washington D.C., Sept. 25 (ANI): U.S. President Barack Obama will honour his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping with a 21-gun salute and a state dinner at the White House amid tensions over China's alleged cyber crime activities involving disclosure of American Government secrets.
Pope Francis urges for 'immediate climate change' in White House address  Sep 24, 2:17 am
Washington, Sept. 24 (ANI): Pope Francis, who is on a historic maiden visit to the U.S, urged the nation on Tuesday to step up and take action on climate change saying that it was a critical moment of history and something that could no longer be le
Sarah Palin accuses Obama of trying to be `cool saviour` for inviting Ahmed Mohamed to White House  Sep 21, 2:22 pm
Washington D.C., Sept 21 (ANI): Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has accused US President Barack Obama of trying to be a cool saviour for inviting Ahmed Mohamed, the boy arrested for taking a homemade clock to school, to the White House, and said that the school officials were justified for thinking the device was an explosive.