Ayesha Takia plans to take legal action against Kingfisher Airlines

   Feb 9, 11:13 am

New Delhi, Feb 9 (ANI): Seems like Ayesha Takia is going to give Siddharth Mallya some restless nights after their Twitter brawl.

Takia, who claims that a Kingfisher staffer had misbehaved with her sister, is reportedly planning to sue the airlines over misconduct.

"The worst airline, Kingfisher!!!shockingly baddddddddddd airport staff behavior at Delhi airport with my sister. We are going to take serious action against this and go to court with it, let the law handle it, so that this does not happen to any girl again (sic)," furious Takia tweeted after the misbehaviour.

Reacting to Takia's tweet, Siddharth raised doubts over the actor's claim: "Been getting tweets about Ayesha Takia and KFA. Not too sure who she is, an actor of some sorts?? But it seems something has upset her. Don't know why Ayesha Takia is tweeting so much when she wasn't even present. There are always two sides to a story. Pipe down love."

Ayesha hit back saying: "Well any Indian citizen can stand up for their rites if treated badly, and I don't have to be anyone u know sidharth mallya!!!!!!!!!!!!" (ANI)

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