LiLo wants Gerard Butler as co-star in 'Liz and Dick'

   Apr 27, 5:36 pm

Melbourne, Apr 27 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan is hoping that Gerard Butler is cast opposite her in the upcoming Lifetime movie 'Liz and Dick,' about Elizabeth Taylor's turbulent relationship with Richard Burton, who the actress married twice.

The troubled actress revealed that Butler reminded her of Burton.

"He actually does remind me of [Burton] a lot," the Daily Telegraph quoted Lohan, as telling Access Hollywood on Wednesday.

But the 25-year-old isn't so sure that the actor would sign on for the television film.

"I don't know if he would do that," she said.

Lohan and Butler, 42, have some history themselves. Reports claim that the two kissed at a party in Morocco in 2009, after hitting the dance floor together.

Sources also claimed that the two flirted before leaving a party together a year later in Beverly Hills.

Regardless of who is cast as her leading man, Lohan says she is excited for the chance to portray Taylor. (ANI)

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