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Sahitya Akademi announces awards for this year  Dec 18, 9:12 am
New Delhi, Dec. 18 (ANI): Playwright and novelist Cyrus Mistry's English novel 'Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer' and KR Meera's 'Aarachar' in Malayalam are among the works that have won the prestigious Sahitya Akademi award for this year.
Kobani survivors reveal horrific details of IS savagery, recall seeing headless corpses, faces with eyes cut out  Oct 14, 12:47 pm
London, Oct 14, (ANI): Horrific accounts of savagery committed by the Islamic State (IS) militants have been revealed by survivors of the ongoing fighting in Kobani.
LiLo claims to have 'rolled a body bag' for Whitney Houston's corpse  Sep 15, 2:03 pm
Melbourne, September 15 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan has claimed that she "rolled a body bag" for Whitney Houston's corpse during her 12 hours-a-day of court-ordered community service at a morgue.
Meet the woman who spent three years living with mom's dead body  Jul 10, 4:13 pm
London, July 10 (ANI): A woman in New York actually spent three years living with her mother's corpse.
Corpses of kids with broken fingers reveal escape bids from capsized S. Korea ferry   Apr 24, 3:22 pm
Sydney, Apr. 24 (ANI): Many of the children who died as the South Korean ferry capsized broke their fingers because they were desperately trying to escape.
'The Walking Dead' inspires 'corpse cologne' to keep zombies at bay  Mar 28, 3:49 pm
Washington, March 28 (ANI): The American Chemical Society (ACS) has come up with cologne which they claim will help one survive a zombie apocalypse if it ever occurs.
Live-action 'Little Mermaid' flick to be helmed by Sofia Coppola  Mar 20, 2:29 pm
Washington, March 20 (ANI): Filmmaker Sofia Coppola, whose most recent work includes helming 'The Bling Ring', will be directing a live-action 'Little Mermaid' flick, it has been revealed.
US confirmed bin Laden's identity through DNA test in secret Afghan base  Aug 30, 11:59 am
Wellington, Aug. 30 (ANI): A classified intelligence document has revealed that the United States Defense Intelligence Agency confirmed the slain Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's identity by conducting a DNA test on his corpse.
Sumatran 'corpse flower' blooms and releases stench in US  Aug 1, 10:42 am
Washington, August 1 (ANI): A corpse flower nicknamed Chanel has bloomed for the first time in the US and in the process has released a stench resembling a cross between rotting flesh and Limburger cheese.
Rotting corpses spark fears of epidemic amid Uttarakhand floods  Jun 27, 10:39 am
Dehradun, June 27 (ANI): Medical experts have warned that rotting corpses contaminating water sources and poor sanitation amid devastating floods in Uttarakhand could lead to a serious outbreak of diseases such as cholera and dysentery.
MJ 'tattooed lips pink due to rare pigmentation disease'  May 8, 12:01 pm
Washington, May 8 (ANI): A photograph of Michael Jackson's naked corpse, laid bare to the jury examining the question of the pop icon's wrongful death on Tuesday, revealed his rare pigmentation disease.
Dog eats owner's head after getting trapped in apartment when she died   Apr 23, 4:57 pm
New York, April 23(ANI): A German Shepherd cross ate his owner's head after it got trapped in her Spanish flat when she died.
'Cannibal' California chef who ate wife's boiled corpse gets 15 years jail  Mar 23, 4:02 pm
New York, Mar. 23 (ANI): A chef from California, who killed his wife and cooked her corpse in boiling water was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Friday.
US Marine faces court martial for urinating on bodies of dead Taliban extremists   Jan 17, 12:26 pm
Washington, Jan.17 (ANI): A U.S. Marine pleaded guilty in a court-martial for urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban extremists and then getting himself photographed with the corpses.
World's largest and smelliest flower blooms in Brazil  Dec 28, 1:14 pm
London, Dec. 28 (ANI): Hundreds of people are visiting a botanical garden in southeastern Brazil to watch the world's smelliest and largest tropical flower Titan arum bloom.
Russians river-fishing adventurers lost in wild 'ate companion' to survive  Dec 18, 1:12 pm
Sydney, Dec 18 (ANI): Two Russian men, who disappeared in August on a river-fishing expedition to the vast Yakutia region in the Russian Far East, ate the corpse of a companion in order to survive, it has emerged.
US Marines face court-martial over urinating on Taliban corpses in Afghanistan  Sep 25, 10:06 am
Washington, Sept 25 (ANI): Two senior US Marines face being court-martialled over a controversial video showing them urinating on Taliban corpses in Afghanistan and posing for photographs with the dead militants.
U.S. troops escape criminal charges for desecrating corpses, burning Koran   Aug 28, 3:07 pm
Washington, Aug. 27 (Xinhua-ANI): U.S. military officials said on Monday that several U.S. troops received punishment, but escaped criminal prosecution for involvement in scandals of desecrating corpses and burning copies of Koran in Afghanistan, which provoked huge anger in Afghanistan earlier this year.
New gruesome video shows Gaddafi's body being used as 'ventriloquist's doll' by rebels  Jul 17, 1:44 pm
Tripoli, July 17 (ANI): A gruesome new video has surfaced online, which shows Libyan rebels using former dictator Muammar Gaddafi's corpse as a ventriloquist's doll.
Kenya airline reimburses woman forced to sit next to dead passenger  Jun 24, 1:04 pm
New York, June 24 (ANI): An airline has reimbursed a Swedish woman after she was given no choice but to sit across a corpse for much of a 10-hour flight to Kenya.
Canadian "psycho killer" to face jury trial next year   Jun 22, 1:27 pm
Ottawa (Canada), June 22 (Xinhua-ANI): Canadian "psycho killer" Luka Rocco Magnotta, accused of killing and dismembering Chinese student Jun Lin and later defiling his corpse and videotaping the gruesome crime, made a surprise court appearance in Montreal Thursday where his lawyers requested he face a trial by judge and jury.
Syrian government preserves armed men's corpses: paper   Jun 13, 4:09 pm
Damascus (Syria), June 13 (Xinhua-ANI): Syrian authorities have preserved unspecified number of unidentified corpses of armed men killed in clashes with Syrian troops, pro-government al-Watan daily reported Wednesday.
Soldiers who desecrate dead view themselves as 'hunters'  May 21, 5:43 pm
Washington, May 21 (ANI): Present day soldiers, who mutilate enemy corpses or take body-parts as trophies, are typically considered to be suffering from the extreme stresses of battle.
Fabrice Muamba's collapse witnessed by son on TV  Apr 24, 4:23 pm
London, Apr 24 (ANI): Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba's three-year-old son cried out when he saw him collapse on TV during a football match as he suffered a cardiac arrest.
US probes video of soldiers urinating on Taliban corpses  Jan 12, 11:38 am
Washington, Jan 12 (ANI): The US military has launched an investigation into an online video that shows American Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters.