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Two more pieces of flight MH370 found in Madagascar to be examined  Jun 10, 12:26 pm
London, June 10 (ANI): Australian officials have said that the two pieces of debris discovered in Madagascar by Blaine Gibson, who previously found a part "almost certainly" from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will be examined by investigators to see if it, too, came from the missing plane.
Mel Gibson's ex-Oksana wants $100k for child support  Mar 20, 2:33 pm
Washington, D.C., Mar. 20 (ANI): Alarm bells seem to be ringing for actor Mel Gibson, as his former wife Oksana Grigorieva wants her child support increased to more than 100,000 dollars a month from 20,000 dollars.
Mel Gibson spotted cosying up with 'young' gal-pal  Jan 12, 10:23 am
Washington, D.C., Jan. 12 (ANI): It seems like the 60-year-old Mel Gibson is getting serious with his young girlfriend Rosalind Ross, as they were spotted together post the Golden Globes event.
Paul Walker's FnF` family pays tribute on his 2nd death anniversary  Dec 1, 11:08 am
Washington D.C., Dec 1 (ANI): Paying tribute to Paul Walker on his second death anniversary, his `Fast and Furious` co-stars Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson took to the social media.
`Lethal Weapon` TV series reboot heading to Fox sans Mel Gibson, Danny Glover  Oct 4, 1:31 pm
London, Oct. 4 (ANI): FOX network is bringing back the classic action film `Lethal Weapon` as a TV series, but this time it will be without Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.
Mel Gibson `cleared` by cops over Sydney photog's allegations  Sep 4, 10:46 am
Melbourne, Sept. 4 (ANI): Actor Mel Gibson has been cleared by the cops over allegations that he pushed and verbally abused a Sydney female photographer.
Here's how lingo gives your brain a break!  Aug 4, 5:22 pm
Washington DC, Aug 4 (ANI): A new study has found that usually people around the world have a preference of using grouped dependent words.
Tyrese Gibson slams White radio for being `racist`  Jul 29, 9:35 am
Washington DC, July 29 (ANI): Tyrese Gibson has called White radio "a racist" by claiming that the radio station plays the RandB/Soul songs performed by white singers only.
Mel Gibson beats ex Oksana Grigorieva in court case over daughter's custody  Jun 13, 9:32 am
Washington, June 13 (ANI): Mel Gibson walked out of the court victorious after being allowed to take his daughter Lucia to Australia for one month.
Tom Hardy all set for next 'Mad Max' sequel   May 14, 12:34 pm
London, May 14 (ANI): English actor Tom Hardy has revealed that he is absolutely ready to take up the next 'Mad Max' film.
Mel Gibson trusts Harrison Ford's flying skills even after near-death plane crash  Mar 16, 5:22 pm
Washington, Mar 16 (ANI): Mel Gibson recently shared his opinion on Harrison Ford's near-death plane crash and has said that he trusts the 'Star Wars' actor's flying skills.
Joan Collins says 5th marriage to Percy Gibson is her 'happiest and last'   Jan 19, 11:57 am
London, Jan 19 (ANI): Joan Collins may have tied the knot 5 times, but the actress claims her marriage to Percy Gibson has been the "happiest and her last one.
Sylvester Stallone adores `Expendables` co-star Mel Gibson  Dec 19, 11:56 am
London, Dec 19 (ANI): Sylvester Stallone has recently revealed that he "adulates" his dear friend Mel Gibson and his powerful personality on the screen.
Mel Gibson, Andrew Garfield team up for World War II movie   Nov 23, 12:32 pm
Washington, Nov 23 (ANI): Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield are reportedly in talks to team up for a World War II drama, it has been revealed.
Mickey Arthur in line to become Windies new coach: Report  Aug 21, 12:37 pm
Johannesburg, Aug 21 (ANI): Former South Africa cricket team coach Mickey Arthur is reported to be in line to become the new coach of the West Indies now.
Otis Gibson quits as West Indies head coach   Aug 20, 2:09 pm
Antigua (West Indies), Aug.20 (ANI): The West Indies Cricket Board has announced a parting of ways with head coach Ottis Gibson after an association of over four years.
'The Patriot' star Skye McCole Bartusiak found dead at home  Jul 21, 10:38 am
Washington, July 21 (ANI): Skye McCole Bartusiak, the actress who portrayed to be Mel Gibson's daughter in the 2000 film 'The Patriot', was found dead at her home in Houston, Texas. She was 21.
Mel Gibson sympathizes with Shia La Beouf over disorderly conduct   Jul 12, 1:33 pm
London, July 12 (ANI): Mel Gibson sympathized with Shia La Beouf saying that his heart goes out to the poor guy after he was arrested for disrupting a Broadway show.
Czech Jews 'furious' as Mel Gibson receives lifetime achievement award   Jul 8, 5:09 pm
Washington, July 8 (ANI): Czech Jews are irked as Mel Gibson has been awarded a lifetime achievement award at the state-sponsored International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary.
Mel Gibson reveals why he won't finance his future films  Jul 6, 3:46 pm
Washington, July 6 (ANI): Mel Gibson has revealed that that he won't finance his films anymore.
Mel Gibson to be awarded Lifetime Honor at Karlovy Vary Festival  Jun 25, 10:55 am
Washington, June 25 (ANI): Mel Gibson is set to be awarded Lifetime Honour at Karlovy Vary Festival.
Former England coach Andy's departure makes ex-colleague Gibson 'sad'  Feb 27, 5:09 pm
London, Feb. 27 (ANI): West Indies coach Ottis Gibson has reportedly revealed that he feels sorry for Andy Flower, who quit as coach following England's knockdown in Ashes tour.
Joan Collins says sex helps keep `love alive` between her and hubby  Feb 5, 11:04 am
Washington, Feb 5 (ANI): Veteran actress Joan Collins has revealed that sex is the biggest thing that has kept her 12-year marriage to husband Percy Gibson strong.
Robert Downey Jr. campaigns for friends Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster  Jan 3, 2:09 pm
Washington, Jan 3 (ANI): Robert Downey Jr. is campaigning to get his friends Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster a role in one of his upcoming films, it has been revealed.
Snapchat plays down threat of hackers accessing users' phone numbers   Dec 28, 11:19 am
Washington, Dec. 28 (ANI): Snapchat has reportedly downplayed the security issue with its service, as reported by Gibson security experts, that exposed users' phone numbers based on their usernames.