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Programmable quantum computers come closer to reality  Apr 11, 4:29 pm
Washington, April 11 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that they have performed a proof-of-concept experiment that will aid the future development of programmable.
Teacher 'fired' for accidentally copying porn images onto school computers  Apr 11, 1:11 pm
London, April 11 (ANI): A teacher has been fired after he accidentally put raunchy pictures of celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Helen Mirren onto a school computer.
New optical device to enhance computer performance developed  Apr 7, 5:03 pm
Washington, April 7 (ANI): researchers have developed an optical device that may lead to new and more powerful computers that run faster and cooler.
Now, computers that teach each other  Apr 2, 5:11 pm
Washington, Apr 2 (ANI): Researchers at Washington State University are reportedly working on improving machine learning by teaching computers teach each other.
Diamonds could help make computers faster and more powerful  Mar 24, 9:25 am
Washington, March 24 (ANI): Researchers have conducted experiment to find the potential of diamond's potential in computing.
Computers beat humans at identifying fake expressions of pain  Mar 21, 5:37 pm
Washington, March 21 (ANI): A new study has found that a computer system spots real or faked expressions of pain more accurately than people can.
Too much electronic media can lead to poorer well being in children  Mar 19, 11:15 am
Washington, Mar 19 (ANI): A new study suggests that use of electronic media, such as watching television, using computers and playing electronic games, can lead to poorer well-being in children.
Snowden leaks reveal NSA's plans to potentially launch 'millions of malware attacks'  Mar 13, 1:36 pm
Washington, Mar. 13 (ANI): New details have reportedly emerged from whistleblower Edward Snowden's NSA leaks, which point towards the intelligence agency's plans of scaling up the process of bugging targets' computers with malware.
Your smartphone could be giving you wrinkles  Mar 9, 10:48 am
Washington, March 9 (ANI): The use of smartphones and other gadgets could be giving you wrinkles around the neck, as constantly looking down at handheld devices and computers develops a line around the neck and chin.
Now, share, save pictures via desktop with Saver for Snapchat   Feb 27, 10:12 am
London, Feb. 27 (ANI): Popular photo-sharing app, Snapchat, is restricted to the mobile phone platform, but a new app allows users to share content from their Windows computer.
IBM sets new record set for data-transfer speeds  Feb 26, 4:25 pm
Washington, Feb. 26 (ANI): Researchers at IBM have set a new record for data transmission over a multimode optical fiber, a type of cable that is typically used to connect nearby computers within a single building or on a campus.
Light could help make more efficient computers  Feb 26, 11:16 am
Washington, Feb. 26 (ANI): Researchers have developed a series of novel devices to make computing just a tiny bit more efficient.
'Pony' botnet makes off with Bitcoins, digital currencies   Feb 25, 12:20 pm
Washington, Feb. 25 (ANI): In a massive cyber attack, cybercriminals have reportedly pilfered account credentials, bitcoins and other digital currencies of digital currency holders by infecting their computers using a virus known as "Pony".
Anti-theft software could be exploited by cyber attackers: Kaspersky Lab  Feb 17, 2:09 pm
Washington, Feb. 17 (ANI): Millions of computers running anti-theft software are reportedly susceptible to hijacking by cyber attackers, according to a research conducted by Kaspersky Lab's research.
Microsoft extends deadline of Windows 7 PCs for business  Feb 16, 10:02 am
Washington, Feb. 16 (ANI): Microsoft has reportedly announced that it has extended life for PCs that come pre-installed with Windows 7 Professional, which means that those computers with consumer versions of the OS still face the axe on October 31 this year.
Cyber thieves film user activity to engineer better methods for stealing bank cash  Feb 14, 3:45 pm
London, Feb. 14 (ANI): In order to come up with better methods of stealing from online bank accounts, Cyber thieves are reportedly grabbing videos to observe how the victims use their computers.
Cars, computers, TVs fueling obesity epidemic in developing countries  Feb 11, 9:50 am
Washington, Feb. 11 (ANI): Researchers have said that the spread of obesity and type-2 diabetes could become epidemic in low-income countries, as more individuals are able to own higher priced items such as TVs, computers and cars.
U.S acquires top spot on 2013 Dirty Dozen 'Spampionship'  Feb 9, 2:31 pm
Washington, Feb. 9 (ANI): The U.S. has reportedly acquired the top spot on the 2013 Dirty Dozen Spampionship league table, becoming the world's capital for spam-spewing zombified computers.
Indian researchers reveal statistical tool to find hidden zombies in computer networks   Feb 5, 4:40 pm
Washington, Feb. 05 (ANI): A statistical tool to unravel the 'hidden zombie' or computer botnet has been reportedly revealed by Indian researchers that could develop monitoring software and disable the offending malware.
Israeli defence computer hacked via malicious email  Jan 28, 1:33 pm
London, Jan. 28 (ANI): Israeli defence computers were hacked via a malicious email attachment, a computer security firm has revealed.
Internet's 'most hated man' arrested after attempting to access email accounts without consent  Jan 24, 1:16 pm
Sydney, Jan. 24 (ANI): The most hated man on the web, credited for running a website that encouraged distressed lovers to seek revenge on their ex-partners by posting their nude pictures, has been reportedly arrested after he attempted to bypass computers and email accounts without permission.
NSA's 'Quantum' programme allows snooping on 100,000 computers   Jan 15, 1:15 pm
Washington, Jan. 15 (ANI): The United States' National Security Agency reportedly intercepts laptops purchased online to insert bugs for further surveillance of phone and web activity by the government.
Microsoft prepares urgent patch for Windows XP next week  Jan 12, 1:08 pm
Washington, Jan.12 (ANI): Microsoft is readying an urgent patch for Windows XP on this month's patch Tuesday, restricting attackers from completely taking over the affected computers.
New 'Locker' malware demands money to recover encrypted data  Jan 7, 3:53 pm
Washington, Jan. 7 (ANI): Cyber criminals have reportedly developed a new form of 'Locker' malware, similar to CryptoLocker that encrypts files on infected computers and asks victims for money to recover them, security researchers have revealed.
Soon, use physical tokens as passwords for Google, Facebook!  Jan 7, 10:20 am
London, Jan. 7 (ANI): Google and Facebook are reportedly working on password systems that would involve inserting physical tokens in computers providing better security to users.