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Fans rejoice: MJ, Elvis and Sinatra set for 'resurrection'  Jan 4, 4:22 pm
London, Jan 4 (ANI): Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra are all being recreated as 'Star Wars'-style holograms, it has been revealed.
Molly Ringwald to star in 'Jem and the Holograms'  May 21, 3:43 pm
Washington, May 21 (ANI): Molly Ringwald has joined the cast of the upcoming film based on the popular 1980's animated show 'Jem and the Holograms'.
Now, chocolates with edible holograms  May 16, 11:41 am
Washington, May 16 (ANI): A chocolatier in Switzerland has found a way to etch microstructures into chocolate that refract light to produce holographic images.
Soon, holograms to become data storage devices   Feb 20, 2:08 pm
Washington, Feb. 20 (ANI): Researchers have demonstrated a new type of holographic memory device that could provide unprecedented data storage capacity and data processing capabilities in electronic devices.
Newly developed holograms may help end scourge of malaria  Nov 6, 10:18 am
Washington, Nov. 6 (ANI): Researchers have developed digital holograms of malaria sperm which has given them fresh insights into the behaviour of these tiny life forms.
Zoomable holograms pave way for versatile, portable projectors: Study   Oct 16, 3:48 pm
Washington, Oct. 16 (ANI): Imagine giving a presentation to a roomful of important customers when suddenly the projector fails. You whip out your smartphone, beam your PowerPoint presentation onto the conference room screen, and are back in business within seconds.
Real holograms come closer to reality with hologram TVs  Dec 12, 11:47 am
Melbourne, December 12 (ANI): Holograms, which are still a bit 'Back to the Future' - a science fiction dream could hit your lounge room, it has been claimed.
Hologram plan for X Factor finale  Aug 4, 4:18 pm
London, August 4 (ANI): Bosses on 'The X Factor' are planning to bring stars including and Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson back to "life" as holograms on the show this year.
Star Trek-like pod that beams 3D holograms may revolutionize videoconferencing  May 4, 3:48 pm
Washington, May 4 (ANI): Researchers have come up with a Star Trek-like human-scale 3D videoconferencing pod that allows people in different locations to video conference as if they are standing in front of each other.
Now, a palm-held portable microscope for better healthcare access  Aug 31, 6:25 pm
Washington, Aug 31 (ANI): Researchers have built a compact, light-weight, dual-mode microscope that uses holograms instead of lenses, which they say is ideal for use specially in the remote areas of the world.