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Project to make NHs free of railway crossings unveiled  Mar 4, 4:24 pm
New Delhi, Mar. 4 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the government is making all out effort for infrastructure development as it is a key to the nation's progress.
NHS Choir beats Justin Bieber to UK X-mas no.1  Dec 26, 9:32 am
Johannesburg, Dec. 26(ANI): The National Health Service Choir has left behind Justin Bieber and has captured Britain's official Christmas number one song.
Diabetes crisis in Britain can bankrupt NHS   Aug 22, 11:23 am
London, Aug 22 (ANI): Experts have stated that diabetes crisis in Britain can cripple the National Health Service (NHS) as there is a huge increase in the number of sufferers.
CBI carries out surprise check of records at Naval Hospital Mumbai  Jul 17, 6:27 pm
Mumbai, July 17 (ANI): Two teams of CBI have carried out surprise checks of records of procurement of medicines and medical equipment at INHS Asvini, Colaba, and Armed Forces Medical Store Depot, Kandivali, Mumbai since morning.
IS militants post video promoting National Health Service  Apr 25, 10:24 am
London, Apr. 25 (ANI): Islamic State (IS) militants have posted a new video promoting its national health service (NHS)-style branding and an Australian doctor.
Indian NGO, UK health authority ink MoU to improve organ donation rates  Feb 28, 11:14 am
New Delhi, Feb 28 (ANI): Representatives from an Indian NGO Mohan Foundation and NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) met at the House of Lords on 26th Feb 2015 to sign an important Memorandum of Understanding, agreeing to work together to learn from each other's experiences.
Indian NGO ties up with UK health authority to increase organ donation rate in India, UK  Jan 31, 11:17 am
New Delhi, Jan 31 (ANI): An NGO Mohan Foundation has signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which aims at increasing organ donation rates in India and the United Kingdom, with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT).
NHS surgeon turned Taliban commander wanted for role in Peshawar school attack  Dec 19, 3:20 pm
London, Dec 19 (ANI): A former NHS surgeon who allegedly became a Taliban leader is being hunted for his role in the Peshawar school carnage that left 132 children dead.
Training old people in using social media can help improve well-being  Dec 15, 4:40 pm
Washington, Dec 15 (ANI): A new study has revealed that training older people in the use of social media improves cognitive capacity, increases a sense of self-competence and could have a beneficial overall impact on mental health and well-being. A two-year project funded by the European Union and led by the University of Exeter in partnership with Somerset Care Ltd and Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust gave a group of vulnerable older adults a specially-designed computer, broadband connection and training in how to use them and those who received training became more positive about computers over time, with the participants particularly enjoying connecting with friends and relatives via Skype and email.
'Angelina Jolie effect' helped double breast cancer tests in UK  Sep 19, 6:29 am
London, Sept 19 (ANI): A new study has revealed that Angelina Jolie's decision to go public about her double mastectomy has led to a doubling in NHS referrals for genetic tests of breast cancer risk.
New 'miracle' drug eliminates Hepatitis C virus in up to 98 pc patients  Sep 14, 2:00 pm
London, Sept 14 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that a new, which will be soon available on the NHS, has been shown to eliminate the virus per cent of patients.
Just 25 min of daily exercise could help you stay active in your 70s and 80s  May 28, 10:18 am
Washington, May 28 (ANI): Researchers have said that older people who undertake at least 25 minutes of moderate or vigorous exercise everyday need fewer prescriptions and are less likely to be admitted to hospital in an emergency.
Anxiety can put women over 60 in hospital  Feb 20, 1:13 pm
London, Feb. 20 (ANI): Women over the age of 60 are likelier to be admitted to hospital for anxiety, health authority figures have shown.
UN condemns UK immigration bill for creating 'climate of ethnic profiling'   Dec 26, 11:25 am
London, Dec. 26 (ANI): The United Nations refugee agency has condemned British Prime Minister David Cameron's proposed immigration laws.
Report reveals poor health care provided to patients over weekends  Dec 10, 10:49 am
London, December 10 (ANI): NHS patients having an operation on a Friday are 24 per cent more likely to die than if they had one earlier in the week, it has been revealed.
Now, app that cures arachnophobia with daily pictures of creepy spiders!  Nov 28, 11:01 am
London, Nov. 28 (ANI): For those scared of spiders, a new app has been developed which posts daily pictures of the creepy crawlies to help cure the fear.
NHS plans to save 500 mn pounds per year by charging foreign nationals for services  Oct 22, 2:08 pm
London, Oct. 22 (ANI): UK's National Health Service (NHS) is planning to save 500 million pounds-a-year by charging foreign nationals to use its services, according to a new report.
Indian doctors less likely to get promotions in UK NHS than White counterparts   Sep 29, 10:26 am
London, Sept. 29 (ANI): Doctors from Indian and other ethnic minority communities in Britain are less likely to be promoted to senior hospital jobs, a latest medical investigation found.
Jab that can revolutionise breast cancer cure gets green light from NHS  Sep 24, 12:36 pm
London, Sept 24 (ANI): An injection that could revolutionise breast cancer treatment has been granted a licence for use in Britain.
Brits outraged over NHS collaboration with private Indian healthcare firms for cut-price treatment  Aug 23, 11:43 am
London, Aug. 23 (ANI): Britain's National Health Service (NHS) plans for going into business with private Indian healthcare firms to provide cheaper treatment to patients has enraged domestic health campaigners.
Foreigners will now have to pay for treatment under NHS in UK   Jul 3, 3:58 pm
London, July 3 (ANI): In an effort to put an end to health tourism, UK government is set to lay out a new rule that will make foreigners pay upfront charges if they take National Health Service (NHS) treatment.
3 LulzSec UK members plead guilty to cyber-attacks on NHS, Sony, News International  Apr 10, 11:54 am
London, Apr 10 (ANI): Three British members of the notorious Internet hacking group LulzSec have pleaded guilty to carrying out cyber-attacks on Sony, News International and UK's National Health Service (NHS).
Homeopathy use by NHS is 'mad', says outgoing British scientific adviser  Apr 10, 10:57 am
London, Apr. 10 (ANI): A former British government scientific adviser has described the use of homoeopathy by the National Health Service as 'mad'.
1 in 3 workers won't take leave despite having cold  Mar 10, 2:28 pm
London, Mar. 10 (ANI): Thirty three percent of workers will come to office even if they are suffering from cold, a survey has revealed.
England's top medical officer terms homeopathy as 'rubbish'  Jan 24, 12:13 pm
London, Jan. 24 (ANI): Britain's chief medical officer has termed homeopathic treatment as 'rubbish' and practitioners of homeopathy as 'peddlers', and said such treatments do not have any place in the country's National Health Service (NHS).