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Jennifer Aniston obsessed with watching 'The Bachelor'  Jan 27, 5:19 pm
Washington, Jan 27 (ANI): Jennifer Aniston has admitted that she loves watching 'The Bachelor' series adding that watching this reality series is like her guilty pleasure.
Cara Delevingne sticks out her tongue at Kim K for Love Magazine's new cover   Jan 27, 4:08 pm
Washington, Jan 27 (ANI): Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian recently made the cover of Love magazine where the model looks like she's about to lick the reality TV star.
'Miniature' electronic devices come closer to reality   Jan 27, 2:13 pm
Washington, Jan 27 (ANI): A new stud has recently revealed that it may be possible to develop electronic circuits with reconfigurable pathways that will allow miniaturizing the electronic devices.
Mario Balotelli's ex to reveal about their on-off relationship on Italian reality TV show  Jan 25, 5:50 pm
London, Jan 25 (ANI): Mario Balotelli's former lover Belgian Fanny Neguesha will be spilling their on-off relationship secrets on Italian reality TV show.
Bill Gates says AIDS vaccine could be a reality by 2030   Jan 25, 1:10 pm
London, Jan 25 (ANI): Bill Gates has said that a vaccine for AIDS and a new intense drug treatment for the virus can be a reality by 2030.
Christina Milian's definition of 'turned up' is just taking life to next level  Jan 18, 4:12 pm
Washington, Jan 18 (ANI): Christina Milian has explained the meaning of the title of her reality show 'Turned Up.'
Underwater trains in Atlantic may soon be a reality   Jan 18, 2:14 pm
London, Jan 18 (ANI): Underwater trains may soon be a reality under the Atlantic and may link Manchester and New York.
Cure for jet lag comes closer to reality  Jan 17, 2:42 pm
Washington, Jan 17 (ANI): A new research has revealed about the new therapeutic avenues for improving the synchronization of the body's different biological clocks, making jet lags a history.
Carbon nanotubes bring 'flexible electronics' with longer battery life closer to reality  Jan 15, 11:58 am
Washington, Jan. 15 (ANI): Discovery of "carbon nanotube" can lead to flexible electronics with longer battery life, it has been reported.
'Single punch' universal flu vaccine comes closer to reality  Jan 15, 10:58 am
Washington, Jan 15 (ANI): A new study has revealed that a "single punch" universal flu vaccine may soon be a reality.
Australia-India FTA a high priority, but sticking points need ironing out: Minister  Jan 12, 5:38 pm
New Delhi, Jan.12 (ANI): Australia's Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb said Monday that the Australian Government is according the highest priority to concluding the Australia-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) hopefully by this year itself, but admitted candidly that both governments still need to iron out "sticking points" before it finally becomes a reality.
Shane Warne says no to 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' 6-figure offer  Jan 10, 4:59 pm
Melbourne, Jan 10 (ANI): Shane Warne has rejected a generous six-figure offer to star on the new reality show 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.'
Charlize Theron demands equal pay as male co-star post Sony hack scandal  Jan 10, 1:10 pm
Melbourne, Jan. 10 (ANI): Charlize Theron has recently raised her voice to get paid equally as her male co-star Chris Hemsworth in their upcoming movie, 'The Huntsman,' after the Sony hack scandal revealed reality about unequal pay for women in Hollywood.
Indian, US experts say Obama visit should be seen with cautious optimism, reality  Jan 10, 1:09 pm
New Delhi, Jan.10 (ANI): President Barack Obama's upcoming second visit to India in four years should be viewed with cautious optimism and awareness of ground realities, said Indian and American experts participating in a panel discussion on the theme "President Obama's Visit to India: A Leap Forward in the Bilateral Relationship?".
Affordable emission-free cars come closer to reality  Jan 9, 1:03 pm
Washington, Jan. 09 (ANI): Researchers are reportedly trying to find the best possible way to develop an affordable emissions-free car.
Lab grown intestines come closer to reality  Jan 9, 12:10 pm
Washington, Jan. 09 (ANI): Researchers were recently able to grow a functional tissue-engineered intestine from human cells, it has been reported.
YouTube set to add support for '360-degree videos'  Jan 8, 1:45 pm
London, Jan. 08 (ANI): YouTube will soon add a feature that will support 360-degree videos, it has been reported.
Sir Tom Jones jokes new ' The Voice' acts are 's**t'  Jan 6, 10:39 am
London, Jan 6 (ANI): Sir Tom Jones has said that the new acts featured in the singing reality show 'The Voice' are s**t.
Bruce Jenner willing to sign-up for new reality show without ex-wife Kris Jenner  Jan 4, 12:36 pm
Washington, Jan 4 (ANI): Bruce Jenner has said that he will do his own show along with his sons only if his former wife Kris Jenner in nowhere in the picture.
Jammu and Kashmir: A reality check  Jan 1, 2:00 pm
By Jaibans Singh
Creation of `dementia-in-a-dish` brings pill for disease closer to reality  Jan 1, 10:55 am
Washington, Jan. 01 (ANI): A new study where scientists used patient stem cells to make dementia-in-a-dish has offered new potential treatment for the disease.
Kanye West wants wife Kim K to quit 'tacky' reality TV   Dec 31, 1:50 pm
London, Dec 31 (ANI): Kanye West apparently thinks that tacky reality TV may cheapen their brand, and hence wants wife Kim Kardashian to be done with it.
Most of what people write on Facebook may basically be a fib  Dec 29, 2:13 pm
Washington, Dec 29 (ANI): Scientists have claimed that most of what people write about themselves on Facebook was a lie.
'Fanciful' hyperloop transportation system comes closer to reality  Dec 29, 2:00 pm
Washington, Dec. 29 (ANI): Elon Musk's super-fast travel option, named the Hyperloop, could soon be available, it has been reported.
E-readers may face shift in circadian clock  Dec 23, 10:51 am
Washington, Dec 23 (ANI): Scientists have found that contrary to the belief that e-reading helps one sleep at night, in reality it may cause a shift in your circadian clock, harming your sleep quality.