Revolutionary 3D maps to provide incredibly accurate details of battlefields

   Nov 11, 6:26 pm

Washington, Nov 11 (ANI): A Swedish aerospace and defence company has unveiled a 3D mapping system that will create an incredibly detailed and accurate 3D map of a battlefield.

Saab's Rapid 3D Mapping creates an incredibly detailed and accurate 3D map of a battlefield, and with the help of footage from a nearby drone as an overlay, it provides real-time information on the war zone.

This never-before-seen military technology is "geo-referenced," meaning they incorporate latitude, longitude and height, and they are accurate to within an amazing four inches.

"We truly believe that Rapid 3D Mapping will revolutionize the field of geospatial intelligence and the way military and security forces get access to much needed accurate ly geo-referenced data," Fox News quoted Saab director Michael Olofsson as saying. (ANI)

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