Google's digital glasses to be revealed soon

   Feb 23, 1:26 pm

London, Feb 23(ANI): Google digital glasses, which use augmented reality technology and Android technology, will be out in the market soon.

The glasses reportedly incorporate augmented reality technology into a new Robocop-style vision of the future, superimposing the screen of the glasses with additional contextual information.

Google's glasses are reportedly similar in appearance to the Oakley Thump design, The Telegraph reports.

Even though Google has itself determinedly refused to give any oxygen to rumors of the project, the New York Times reports that the glasses will use the same operating system as Google's mobile phone, and cost about the same as a top smart phone too.

A digital camera and Internet connectivity is combined with location data, so if you point your phone at Big Ben, because the device knows where you are it's comparatively simple to add information to the image on screen.

And while the obvious uses are for, say, historical information, there's space for advertisers and social services to tell you where to, say, meet up with friends for a drink. (ANI)

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