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Robotic prosthesis turns amputee drummer into three-armed cyborg  Mar 9, 10:38 am
Washington, March 9 (ANI): Researchers have developed a robot that can be attached to amputees, allowing its technology to be embedded into humans.
Now, 'Pied Piper highway of death' technique to treat cancer  Feb 18, 12:49 pm
Washington, Feb 18 (ANI): Georgia Tech researchers have come up with a "Pied Piper" approach to treating cancer, as they engineer artificial pathways to lure malignant cells to their death, instead of relying on drugs to kill tumors.
Male Pinterest users more interested in pinning art than sports or technology  Feb 13, 3:24 pm
Washington, Feb. 13 (ANI): Male Pinterest users are reportedly more interested in art than cars, according to a research study on more than 46,000 Pinterest users.
Motivations behind Pinterest activities: Study   Apr 24, 12:49 pm
Washington, Apr.24 (ANI): Gender plays significant roles among Pinterest users, a recent study has revealed.
Actresses most likely to cry than actors at Oscars   Feb 20, 3:31 pm
Washington, February 20 (ANI): Leading actresses are almost twice as likely to cry than leading actors while accepting Academy Awards, a Georgia Tech master's student has found.
Designer blood clots could save soldiers dying from blood loss   Feb 17, 12:44 pm
Washington, February 17 (ANI): A new device the size of an iPhone could help soldiers wounded in battlefield to treat themselves, helping control bleeding, stabilizing the injury and setting the right course for healing.
New cyber threats likely to emerge by 2013  Nov 15, 4:39 pm
Washington, November 15 (ANI): In a recently released report, Georgia Tech researchers have predicted cyber threats for 2013.
Now, speaker dock that dances along with your music  Sep 13, 4:57 pm
London, September 13 (ANI): Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a robotic speaker dock, which dances along to a user's music.
Musical glove improves mobility for people with spinal cord injury  Jul 18, 2:04 pm
Washington, July 18 (ANI): A wireless, musical glove created by Georgia Tech researchers may help improve sensation and motor skills for people with paralysing spinal cord injury (SCI).
New Jurassic Park in Petri dish - 500mn-year-old bacteria recreated in lab  Jul 13, 4:24 pm
London, July 13 (ANI): A 500 million-year-old bacteria has been brought back to life in a laboratory at Georgia Tech in an experiment with echoes of Stephen Spielberg's Jurassic Park, where scientists recreated dinosaurs using ancient DNA
Office gossip makes up nearly 15 pc of work emails  Jun 7, 12:10 pm
Washington, June 7 (ANI): It is estimated that average corporate email user sends 112 emails every day and about one out of every seven of those messages can be called gossip, according to a new study from Georgia Tech.
4 tweeting behaviours of propagandists revealed  Jun 1, 4:53 pm
London, June 1 (ANI): Researchers at Georgia Tech School of Computer Science have identified four behaviours that characterize propagandistic activities of Twitter users.
Being positive can help you get a job  Apr 29, 10:21 am
Washington, April 29 (ANI): Keeping your spirits up is very important if you are searching for a job after a layoff, a new study has suggested.
Beware! Your iPhone could be hacker's Spiphone!  Oct 19, 12:03 pm
Washington, Oct 19 (ANI): A research team at Georgia Tech claims that it has discovered how to use a users smartphone to track what the person is typing on the keyboard.