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Ben Stiller tags working with David Bowie as 'career's highlight'  Feb 8, 11:04 am
Melbourne, Feb. 8(ANI): Paying his tribute to the late music legend David Bowie, Ben Stiller has recently admitted that working with him on the first 'Zoolander' film was a high point in his career.
AR Rahman with Mercedes-Benz launches `ProjectX` at Auto Expo 2016  Feb 7, 11:19 am
Mumbai, Feb 7 (ANI): Multichannel Network and Digital Agency Qyuki and Ranjit Barot launched a new Music based web-series called ProjectX with Mercedes-Benz at the Auto Expo 2016.
Chennai singer Shan Johnson passes away  Feb 7, 10:53 am
New Delhi, Feb. 7(ANI): Singer Shan Johnson, daughter of renowned music director Johnson Master, has passed away at the age of 29.
Now, Amazon's Echo speaker to order you an Uber  Feb 6, 1:26 pm
New Delhi, Feb.6 (ANI): If you think tapping an app is too much effort, well you don't even need to do that the next time you order an Uber.
This music fest has inspired Chris Martin's 2016 Super Bowl gig   Feb 5, 4:12 pm
Washington D.C., Feb. 5(ANI): Chris Martin is all set to take the stage for 2016 Super Bowl halftime show with a storm and before he does it, the 'Coldplay' frontman has revealed the inspiration behind the performance.
Amazon's Echo speaker to support Swedish music service Spotify  Feb 5, 11:48 am
New Delhi, Feb.5 (ANI): American electronic commerce and cloud computing company Amazon has announced that the Amazon Echo, an expertly tuned speaker will now officially support Swedish commercial music streaming, podcast and video service Spotify.
Newly-found tarantula is Johnny Cash's spider namesake  Feb 5, 9:56 am
Washington D.C, Feb 5 (ANI): Meet the fist-sized tarantula with fearsome fangs that has been named in honour of the western music legend Johnny Cash.
Mallika Sherawat`s `Dil Kya Kare` gets 1,500K views  Feb 4, 2:05 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 4(ANI): Dasu's brand new single 'Dil Kya Kare (Did I Love You?)' with Rishi Rich that stars Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat has hit a sweet spot with music lovers instantly after its release.
`Glad` Zayn Malik gushes over being in 1D's last video  Feb 4, 8:32 am
Johannesburg, Feb 4 (ANI): Opening up about One Direction's 'History' music video, Zayn Malik has revealed that he was thrilled to find his footage from the early days of the group in their clip.
Vanessa Hudgens' father succumbs to cancer  Feb 1, 12:35 pm
Washington D.C., Feb. 1(ANI): Vanessa Hudgens is mourning over her father's death hours before she is set to take the stage in an anticipated live musical production.
Will Selena Gomez team with `bestie` Taylor Swift?  Feb 1, 12:17 pm
Washington D.C., Feb. 1(ANI): Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift's musical collaboration might be a dream to many and who knows, it might turn into a reality soon.
Guess who styled Sonam Kapoor for Coldplay's video  Jan 30, 10:13 am
New Delhi, Jan. 30 (ANI): It was reported earlier that Bollywood's fashionista Sonam Kapoor will be seen in Coldplay's next music video.guess who styled her!
Sonam Kapoor: Honoured to be part of Coldplay's video  Jan 29, 1:03 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 29 (ANI): Sonam Kapoor, who is busy now-a-days with 'Neerja' promotion, said that she feels honoured to be a part of Coldplay's music video.
Jefferson Airplane musician Paul Kantner passes away  Jan 29, 10:17 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 29 (ANI): Paul Kantner, who was a founding member and the guitarist for Jefferson Airplane, has passed away at the age of 74.
David Bowie's daughter inspired him to fight cancer  Jan 28, 11:37 am
Washington D.C, Jan. 28 (ANI): David Bowie, who died of cancer aged 69, was determined to keep fighting for his 15-year-old daughter Lexi.
Joseph Fiennes feels MJ was probably closer to his colour   Jan 28, 11:36 am
Washington D.C, Jan. 28 (ANI): Joseph Fiennes, just like everyone else, was shocked after the announcement that he would portray music legend Michael Jackson in an upcoming TV movie.
Congress advocates for Ghulam Ali's concert  Jan 28, 10:07 am
New Delhi, Jan. 28 (ANI): Expressing its displeasure over cancellation of the music launch of "Ghar Wapsi", in which Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali was to take part on January 29, the Congress on Thursday voiced support and said art, literature and music should not be divided on the basis of religion.
Cancellation of Ghulam Ali's program will send wrong message: Ilyasi  Jan 27, 11:03 pm
Mumbai, Jan. 27 (ANI): Expressing his displeasure over cancellation of the music launch of "Ghar Wapsi", in which Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali was to take part on January 29, director-producer of the movie Suhaib Ilyasi on Wednesday said and it was sad that the program had to cancelled in a BJP ruled state when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying hard to improve relations with Pakistan.
MJ composed music in secret for `Sonic the Hedgehog 3`  Jan 27, 12:54 pm
London, Jan. 27 (ANI): It seems that the myth regarding the classic 16-bit title 'Sonic the Hedgehog 3' has got some confirmation.
All eyes on France's 'Musical Infantry Regiment' in R-Day parade  Jan 26, 9:45 am
New Delhi, Jan. 26 (ANI): While French President Francois Hollande has been invited as the Chief Guest for the Republic Day celebrations on 26th January, the 35th Infantry Regiment of France and the Musical Infantry Regiment will march along with Indian troops in the parade.
David Bowie's ex-wife accuses him of strangling her  Jan 25, 10:28 am
Melbourne, Jan. 25 (ANI): David Bowie's former wife has alleged that the music legend once tried to kill her by strangling her with his bare hands.
Ghulam Ali to turn actor for 'Ghar Wapsi'  Jan 24, 11:55 am
Karachi, Jan. 24 (ANI): Seems like music maestro Ghulam Ali is all set to give it back to the Shiv Senas for not allowing several Pakistani artists, including him, to perform in India.
Newly-unearthed audio proves David Bowie is `musical-chameleon`  Jan 23, 12:22 pm
Melbourne, Jan. 23 (ANI): David Bowie's musical excellence is not unknown to anyone.recently another facet came forth with his talent of impersonations of his rock n' roll contemporaries.
Intensive instrument playing to blame for musicians' cramp  Jan 23, 8:12 am
Washington D.C, Jan 23 (ANI): Practice makes perfect, but for some musicians, too much practice cramps their hands so badly that they can no longer play their instruments, according to a new study.
Sir John Elton does not own mobile phone!  Jan 20, 2:28 pm
London, Jan. 20 (ANI): In the 21-st century, when celebs rely completely on smartphones and social networking sites for popularity, music legend Sir Elton John admits that he does not even own a mobile phone.