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The Dark Days of Indian Democracy , remembered by Prem Prakash  Jun 29, 3:08 pm
New Delhi, June 29 (ANI): June 12, 1975, was like any other summer day in Delhi - hot, uncomfortable with the usual power load shedding. Politics of Delhi too was at its usual cloak and dagger - this ancient city right from its origins as Indraprastha has been home to scheming politicians.
Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign speech stirs Twitter storm  Jun 25, 9:33 pm
London, June 25 (ANI): Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has stirred a storm on Twitter after launching his presidential bid, in which he sought to distance himself from his Indian origin.
Are these the world's first teeth?  Jun 25, 5:10 pm
Washington DC, June 25 (ANI): The forgotten fossil of 410-million-years-old fish has provided a deeper insight into the origin of what may be called as "world's first known teeth."
Indian-origin scientist crafts world's first full-color, flexible thin-film reflective display  Jun 25, 4:06 pm
Washington DC, June 25 (ANI): Indian origin scientist Dr. Debashis Chanda has achieved breakthrough by creating world's first full-color, flexible thin-film reflective display.
Origins of black money needs to be addressed: CEA Subramanian  Jun 23, 3:07 pm
Bengaluru, June 23 (ANI): Speaking on the sidelines of a series of talks on 'Economic Survey: Taking stock of the Indian Economy' Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian has asked the Centre to focus on the origins of black money rather than chasing it in all corners of the globe if it wants to avoid giving out a "wrong perception about India".
Indian-origin oldest Brit dies within a week of turning 111  Jun 23, 2:42 pm
London, June 23 (ANI): Britain's oldest man of Indian origin has died within a week of celebrating his 111 birthday.
Britain's Magna Carta turns 800 today, Queen, other royals to attend  Jun 15, 9:21 am
London, June 15 (ANI): The Magna Carta or "The Great Charter" issued in the name of 13th century British monarch King John, turns 800 today, and the anniversary event will be observed with an extravagant ceremony in Runnymede, the meadow near Windsor where the king capitulated to the demands of a handful of his barons to affix his royal seal to the original document that guaranteed individuals certain freedoms and rights.
Brit scientists identify Magna Carta scribes just in time for 800th anniversary  Jun 15, 9:06 am
London, June 15 (ANI): In a notable find, the British scientists have identified scribes behind two of the four original copies of the 1215 Magna Carta, ahead of the 800th anniversary of the historic charter.
'Powerpuff girls' reboot: Original voice actress 'pissed' over being replaced  Jun 14, 1:51 pm
Washington, June 14 (ANI): E.G. Daily, the original voice of Buttercup in the 'Powerpuff girls' show, has expressed her disappointment over being replaced by new actors in the reboot of the show.
Pittsburgh Pride: Iggy Azalea 'out', Nick Jonas 'in' as new headliner  Jun 12, 3:20 pm
London, Jun 12 (ANI): Nick Jonas has replaced original headliner Iggy Azalea at Pittsburgh Pride after the 25-year-old rapper backed out following criticism from the LGBTQ community.
New York's 1,330ft tall two World Trade Centre Tower set to open in 2020  Jun 11, 3:32 pm
London, June 11 (ANI): A Danish architect has revealed the designs for the final tower at the World Trade Center in New York, which has been slated for the 2020 opening, nearly 20 years after the original terrorist attacks.
Newly unearthed 'Star Wars' script makes clear Han Solo shot Greedo first  Jun 11, 2:54 pm
Wellington, June 11 (ANI): The original script of 'Star Wars' found at University of New Brunswick confirmed that Han Solo shot Greedo first.
Netflix acquires rights for Brad Pitt's 'War Machine'  Jun 9, 12:50 pm
Washington, June 9 (ANI): Netflix will be bringing its first original feature with the Brad Pitt starrer 'War Machine.'
Old-age memory loss lower than previously believed   Jun 6, 11:59 am
Washington, Jun 6 (ANI): As per a new research, memory loss among the elderly is lower than what was originally thought.
Steven Spielberg says 'Jurassic Park' was benchmark in technology for Hollywood   Jun 5, 3:33 pm
Washington, June 05 (ANI): Steven Spielberg revealed that original 'Jurassic Park' was a benchmark in technology for Hollywood.
333m-yr-old fossil pushes back our land-dwelling ancestors' origin by 2m yrs  Jun 5, 12:51 pm
Washington, Jun 5 (ANI): An Australian fossil is forcing scientists to rethink on our ancestors' emergence onto land.
Steven Spielberg grosses 34 million USD from his Mailbu mini-compound  Jun 3, 3:19 pm
Washington, June 3 (ANI): Steven Spielberg has sold his Malibu mini-compound for a whopping 34 million dollar, which is five times of its original purchase price.
Scientists unravel the mystery of life's origins  Jun 2, 6:51 pm
Washington, June 02 (ANI): Scientists have provided a deeper insight into the mystery of origins of life and how life on Earth began 3.6 billion years ago.
12 injured after 7.8-magnitude earthquake shakes Japan  May 31, 2:04 pm
Washington, May 31 (ANI): At least 12 people incurred minor injuries as businesses returned to normal a day after a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake, which originated near remote Japanese islands, shook the country.
Exhibition to showcase Australian aboriginal art held in Delhi  May 29, 3:00 pm
New Delhi, May 29 (ANI): An art exhibition titled 'Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route' was held here to showcase the artistic, cultural and natural worlds of the aboriginal people of Australia's Western Desert to mark the National Reconciliation Week.
If hacked, video surveillance systems can pose great threat  May 28, 4:44 pm
New Delhi, May 28 (ANI): Kaspersky Lab has recently revealed that the security video surveillance networks which was originally designed to help and protect people from criminals and terrorists can now be misused by a third party which is exploiting system configuration flaws.
Meet the 'stranded' Batman fan who got help from the Batmobile to get married to sweetheart!  May 28, 1:44 pm
London, May 28 (ANI): A Batman fan was in for a surprise when an original 1989 Batmobile came to pick him up after his car broke down on his way to his wedding at the church.
Wildlife lovers in Hyderabad come together in support of captive tiger  May 25, 11:28 am
Hyderabad, Telangana, May 25 (ANI): Wildlife lovers in Hyderabad have come together in support of 'Ustaad', a tiger placed under captivity for killing a man, claiming that he was falsely indicted in the case and should be restored to his original habitat.
Meet the Indian origin 11-yr-old boy with three college degrees  May 23, 1:49 pm
Wellington, May 23 (ANI): A 11-year-old Indian-origin American boy has acquired three college degrees-in math, science and foreign language studies-from the American River College in Sacramento, California.
Now, experience Australian Aboriginal art in Delhi  May 22, 6:58 pm
New Delhi, May 22 (ANI): Art lovers can now step into an Australian exhibition that reveals the Aboriginal history of the world's longest stock route through the deserts of Western Australia in Delhi.