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Adoptive T cell therapy can help treat severe liver cancer  Apr 13, 2:08 pm
Washington, April 13 (ANI): A new study has revealed that liver cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)) may be treated by adoptive T-cell therapy.
How gardening can help overcome 'blues'  Apr 13, 1:41 pm
London, April 13 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that gardening can help in treating the 'blues' as it is now being increasingly used as an effective therapy to help drug addicts, soldiers with post-traumatic disorders and stroke victims.
New combination of drug therapy could help treat Hepatitis C  Apr 13, 11:10 am
Washington, April 13 (ANI): Scientists have a new combination drug therapy can effectively treat Hepatitis C.
Four paralytic patients made to move legs in breakthrough therapy  Apr 9, 11:02 am
Washington, Apr 9 (ANI): In a groundbreaking progress, four young men who have been paralyzed for years, could move their legs as a result of epidural electrical stimulation of the spinal cord.
Medical history created after UK toddler gets injected with eye cancer cure  Apr 6, 1:19 pm
London, April 6 (ANI): An 18-month-old girl in UK, who is suffering from eye cancer, is paving way for better cancer cures after getting injected with drugs to battle her disease rather than undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
New test detects prostate cancer recurrence with much more accuracy  Apr 6, 11:16 am
Washington, Apr 6 (ANI): Researchers in Canada have developed a new genetic "signature" to identify prostate cancer patients who are at high risk of their cancer recurring after surgery or radiotherapy.
Zac Effron may not have been to rehab for drug problems  Mar 30, 12:28 pm
Melbourne, March 30 (ANI): Speculations are rife that Zac Efron didn't actually go to rehab and instead relied on "private therapy" to kick his cocaine habit.
Kanye West to serve 2 years probation in photog assault case  Mar 18, 3:40 pm
Washington, March 18 (ANI): Kanye West has been sentenced to two years of probation, 24 anger management therapy sessions and 250 hours of community service for assaulting a photographer in July.
New approach to cure blood cancer developed  Mar 16, 10:11 am
Washington, March 16 (ANI): Researchers have developed a novel and unique approach to treating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), a form of blood cancer that often requires repeated chemotherapy treatments to which it grows resistant.
Lena Dunham shows off 'cupping' marks in new Instagram pic  Mar 13, 4:54 pm
Washington, March 13 (ANI): Lena Dunham recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram with ring marks on her back, suggesting that she underwent the "cupping therapy".
Gene therapy helps sharpen immune system to shield against HIV onslaught  Mar 7, 11:40 am
Washington, March 7 (ANI): Doctors have used gene therapy to upgrade the immune system of 12 patients suffering from HIV to help shield them from the virus's onslaught.
New gene therapy for HIV hailed a success after first trial  Mar 6, 10:37 am
London, Mar 6 (ANI): A radical gene therapy to combat HIV using genetically modified cells, which are resistant to the virus, has been declared a success by scientists after its first clinical trial.
Memory decline in elderly may soon be history   Mar 6, 10:03 am
Washington, March 6 (ANI): Researchers have claimed to have found a drug therapy that could potentially reverse memory decline in seniors someday.
New nanoscale method to help in fight against cancer  Mar 2, 9:23 am
Washington, March 2 (ANI): Researchers have developed an innovative cancer-fighting technique in which custom-designed nanoparticles carry chemotherapy drugs directly to tumor cells and release their cargo when triggered by a two-photon laser in the infrared red wavelength.
Immune cell therapy may revolutionize leukemia treatment  Feb 23, 10:43 am
Washington, Feb. 23 (ANI): A team of researchers, who conducted largest ever study of patients with advanced leukemia, have found that 88 percent achieved complete remissions after being treated with genetically modified versions of their own immune cells, thus demonstrating that cell therapy is a powerful treatment for patients who have exhausted all conventional therapies.
New method promises longevity for cervical cancer sufferers  Feb 23, 9:38 am
Washington, Feb. 23 (ANI): Researchers have found that women with advanced cervical cancer live about four months longer with the combined use of bevacizumab and chemotherapy compared to chemotherapy alone.
UK woman seeks hypnotherapy to ward off 150k pounds Diet Coke addiction  Feb 22, 3:31 pm
London, February 22 (ANI): A UK woman who drinks up to 50 cans of diet coke and spends 150 pounds a day is now planning to seek hypnotherapy to help her get rid of her addiction.
Barbie fan with 32JJ boobs using hypnotherapy 'to be stupid'  Feb 20, 4:11 pm
London, Feb. 20 (ANI): A model, who is obsessed with Barbie, is now undergoing hypnotherapy to make her brainless.
Grapes give boost to bowel cancer treatment  Feb 15, 10:33 am
Washington, Feb. 15 (ANI): A team of researchers has shown for the first time that grape seed can be combined with chemotherapy to improve treatment for bowel cancer.
Kate Middleton to spend V-day with high school students   Feb 14, 4:52 pm
London, Feb 14 (ANI): Kate Middleton will be spending her Valentine's Day at an art therapy group with youngsters at Northolt High School in London.
Injecting Vitamin C could keep cancer at bay  Feb 10, 11:48 am
London, February 10 (ANI): A new research has suggested that high-dose of vitamin C given by injection, can boost the cancer-killing effect of chemotherapy.
Gwyneth Paltrow admits undergoing `bee sting treatment`  Feb 2, 4:05 pm
London, February 2 (ANI): Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted that the "craziest'' beauty treatment she ever had was apitherapy or bee stings therapy.
Testosterone therapy ups heart attack risk in men under 65  Jan 31, 11:02 am
Washington, January 31 (ANI): A new study has revealed that men under the age of 65, who have a history of heart disease, are at a higher risk of a heart attack shortly after beginning testosterone therapy.
One third of women have hot flashes for 10 years after menopause  Jan 31, 10:36 am
Washington, Jan 31 (ANI): Researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have found that moderate to severe hot flashes continue, on average, for nearly 5 years after menopause, and more than a third of women experience moderate/severe hot flashes for 10 years or more after menopause.
Music therapy helps improve coping skills in young cancer patients  Jan 27, 3:06 pm
Washington, Jan. 27 (ANI): A new study has found that therapeutic music process that includes writing song lyrics and producing videos helps adolescents and young adults undergoing cancer treatment gain coping skills.