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Vagina art can't charge artist guilty, rules Japanese court  May 10, 2:33 pm
Melbourne, May 10 (ANI): Displaying figurines modelled on vagina is not something that will charge an artist guilty; rather it signals a step towards freedom of expression.
Vaginal seeding trend risking newborns' health  Feb 24, 12:38 pm
Washington D.C, Feb 24 (ANI): With a trend known as "vaginal seeding" on the rise, experts fear that it could grow into a health disaster for the newborns.
Dapivirine ring can protect women against HIV  Feb 23, 1:56 pm
Washington D.C., Feb. 23 (ANI): A clinical trial involving more than 2,600 women in Africa finds that a vaginal ring containing an antiretroviral (ARV) drug called dapivirine is safe for women and can help to protect them against HIV on a large scale.
OMG! Amy Schumer spoke about her 'vagina' at the Globes  Jan 11, 10:59 am
Washington, D.C., Jan. 11 (ANI): The 'Trainwreck' star Amy Schumer who walked the red carpet at the 2016 Golden Globes without her boyfriend, gave an OMG moment at the event by talking about her private parts.
'World's most beautiful vagina' title up for grabs   Jun 19, 5:20 pm
London, Jun 19 (ANI): A weird "Rate My Vagina" competition is offering cash prize for "world's most beautiful lady bits."
Vandals spray-paint Anish Kapoor's Versailles 'queen's vagina' with paint  Jun 19, 3:51 pm
London, Jun 19 (ANI): Vandals have damaged Anish Kapoor's controversial sculpture Dirty Corner, installed in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles in Paris, splattering the inside of the artwork with yellow paint.
Anish Kapoor on Versailles 'vagina' row: I don't think I said that  Jun 6, 3:15 pm
London, Jun 6 (ANI): Sculptor Anish Kapoor has dismissed a controversy that erupted in France about an exhibition of his works in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles.
Meet the YouTube star who has '2 vaginas'  May 2, 1:51 pm
London, May 2 (ANI): A YouTube celebrity, who's helped millions to cover up severe acne with her makeup tips, is now helping the world learn about something even more important, like, two vaginas.
Demi Lovato accused of not paying for 'vagina tattoo'   Apr 29, 3:51 pm
Washington, Apr 29 (ANI): Demi Lovato has been slammed by a tattoo artist claiming that the singer didn't pay her a single penny for engraving a vagina tattoo on her forearm.
Japanese `p***y boat` artist pleads innocence for sake of art  Apr 16, 2:36 pm
Melbourne, Apr 16 (ANI): A Japanese artist, who has been charged with obscenity for distributing plans of how to build a kayak shaped like her vagina, has denied the charges when she appeared in court.
Demi Lovato covers up old 'vagina' tattoo with freshly-inked 'rose'  Apr 8, 12:34 pm
Washington, Apr 08 (ANI): Demi Lovato has replaced her previous "vagina tattoo" with a "giant rose" tattoo, as she called it in a new Instagram pic, flaunting her new tattoo.
19th century vagina painting sparks legal dispute between France and Facebook  Mar 7, 1:34 pm
Washington, March 07 (ANI): A Paris high court has ruled that it has jurisdiction to decide in a case brought by a French teacher who claimed that Facebook could not distinguish between pornography and art following the suspension of his social networking account after he posted l'Origine du Monde, a photo of a famous 19th century painting of a woman's vagina.
Vagina spasm love-cheat couple gets stuck after 'witch doctor curse'  Feb 28, 1:59 pm
London, Feb 28 (ANI): A cheating wife and her lover got stuck together after suffering "penis captivus" during sex in South Africa.
Woman's vagina 'widened' using pig intestine in pioneering operation  Feb 14, 12:10 pm
London, Feb 14 (ANI): A woman, whose vagina was so narrow that she could no longer have sex, has undergone a successful operation to have it reconstructed using a pig intestine.
Gwyneth Paltrow's 'vagina steam-cleaning' advice gets spurned  Jan 30, 1:13 pm
London, Jan 30 (ANI): Gwyneth Paltrow has been mocked by doctors for her latest word of advice to women that they should steam out their vaginas in order to deliver an energy boost and powerful internal cleanse.
'Vagina facial' inventor Lisa Palmer says she has nice, glowing lady parts  Jan 24, 4:42 pm
London, Jan 24 (ANI): Dating coach Lisa Palmer, caused an internet storm after introducing the nation to the vagina facial, has revealed that her lady parts are nice and glowing.
Iggy Azalea says her music receives criticism because 'she has a vagina'  Jan 8, 5:35 pm
Washington, Jan 8 (ANI): Iggy Azalea has revealed that people criticize her music out of misogyny and because she has a vagina.
Japanese vagina artist charged with distributing obscene data   Dec 25, 10:54 am
London, Dec 25 (ANI): A Japanese artist, who makes art based on her vagina, has been charged with obscenity.
Usher charges iPhone inside woman's vagina at art festival   Dec 6, 10:35 am
Washington, Dec 6 (ANI): Usher was recently spotted charging his iPhone using a battery pack jammed inside of a woman's vagina at Art Basel in Miami.
Soon, 'Vagina facial' for ladies who want to be pretty 'down there'  Nov 25, 10:53 am
New York, Nov 25 (ANI): A popular New York salon will soon start offering a "Vagina Facial" for women who want a little extra grooming down there.
Soon, your vagina may smell like 'peaches'  Nov 21, 2:42 pm
London, Nov 21 (ANI): A company is planning to develop a product that will make your vagina smell like peaches.
S-equol supplements improve reproductive health in post-menopausal women  Oct 17, 4:25 pm
Washington, Oct 17 (ANI): In a recent pilot study it was discovered that after 12 weeks of daily 10 milligram (mg) doses of an investigational fermented soy germ-based nutritional supplement S-equol, have led to improvements in post-menopausal women who experienced in vaginal atrophy.
Vaginal orgasm myth busted   Oct 7, 10:56 am
Washington, Oct 7 (ANI): A new study has explored that there is no such thing as G-spot, vaginal, or clitoral orgasms as they are all incorrect terms.
Half of young Brit women don't know where 'vaginas' are!  Sep 2, 11:55 am
London, Sept 2 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that half of the young women, aged 26-35, do not know how to label a vagina on a medical diagram, while 65 percent have a problem using the words vagina or vulva.
Meet the thieves who hid stolen Rolex watches in their 'vaginas'  Aug 31, 3:36 pm
London, Aug 31 (ANI): Three honeytrap thieves have been arrested after they stole Rolex watches and hid them in their vaginas at casino hotel in US.