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Scientists plan to record every sound made on Earth!  Aug 29, 2:25 pm
Washington, Aug 29 (ANI): Scientists are planning to record "every sound the Earth makes", from the songs of birds to the vibrations made by ocean waves, via online sensors in Indiana, which will run for a year.
Now, charge phone battery by playing music at it  Aug 20, 5:07 pm
Washington, August 20 (ANI): Scientists have created a prototype panel capable of charging a cellphone off environmental vibrations like music or dinner conversation.
Scientists can now recover your conversations from video of potato-chip bag  Aug 5, 12:58 pm
Washington, Aug 05 (ANI): Researchers have found a unique way to listen in other people's conversation by watching the video of objects like potato chip bags and plant leaves lying near to the sound.
Key to measuring stars' age lies in acoustic vibrations  Jul 4, 11:55 am
Washington, July 4 (ANI): Young stars can be distinguished from adolescent stars by measuring their acoustic vibrations using ultrasound technology similar to that used in the field of medicine, according to the researchers.
Male black widow spiders shake for sex to avoid being eaten  Jan 18, 10:33 am
Washington, Jan. 18 (ANI): A team of researchers have found that male black widow spiders shake their abdomens to produce carefully pitched vibrations, which let females know they have "come a-courting" and are not potential prey.
New way to levitate objects in air through sound developed  Jan 3, 4:13 pm
Washington, Jan 03 (ANI): Powerful acoustic vibrations can lift things like toothpicks or water droplets into mid-air, but now researchers have managed to set tiny particles in a dance between shifting, overlapping ultrasonic beams that could shift them around a small cubic space.
Now, wristband to connect you to your partner via tap vibrations  Nov 18, 1:19 pm
Washington, Nov. 18 (ANI): A new hi-tech wristband, meant especially for those in a relationship, lets user communicate with a simple tap on the device, triggering vibrations on the other person's wrist.
Vibrating jacket points wearer to right direction  Nov 13, 12:51 pm
Washington, Nov. 13 (ANI): After smart gadgets, techies have started to work on wearable technology, and the latest to do the rounds is a jacket which uses haptic feedback and LED lighting to provide directors for the wearer.
Pop music helps solar panels produce more electricity  Nov 11, 9:25 am
Washington, Nov 9 (ANI): Researchers have developed certain type of solar cells which can convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently when exposed to acoustic vibrations of pop music.
Disney invents technology to 'feel' texture of objects on touchscreen  Oct 9, 11:39 am
London, Oct. 9 (ANI): Researchers at Disney's Lab have reportedly invented a new technology, using which, people can 'feel' the texture of objects displayed on a touchscreen through tiny vibrations.
How skin senses whether it's being draped with silk or satin  Oct 1, 2:14 pm
Washington, Oct. 1 (ANI): A new research has revealed that humans distinguish the difference between fine textures, such as silk or satin, through vibrations, which are picked up by two separate sets of nerve receptors in the skin and relayed to the brain.
Sense of touch 'uses vibrations just like hearing'  Dec 12, 9:25 am
Washington, December 12 (ANI): In a new study, researchers have found that the timing and frequency of vibrations produced in the skin when you run your hands along a surface like searching a wall for a light switch play an important role in how we use our sense of touch to gather information about the objects and surfaces around us.
Now, feel vibrations of 'virtual water' pouring into real cup  Dec 10, 1:04 pm
Washington, December 10 (ANI): A real cup vibrates as an anime girl cupbearer pours virtual water into its depths.
Mild vibrations as beneficial to obese people as exercise   Dec 1, 2:53 pm
Washington, December 1 (ANI): If you're looking to get some of the benefits of exercise without exerting yourself, here's some good news.
Why 'phantom ringing syndrome' makes us always check our phones  Sep 12, 12:26 pm
London, Sept 12 (ANI): It's a common phenomenon experienced by millions of people every day - the feeling of your phone ringing or buzzing away in your pocket, only to find no calls or texts.
Ban on free vibrator giveaway in NY lifted  Aug 10, 10:11 am
New York, August 10 (ANI): Mayor Bloomberg of New York has finally decided to let freedom buzz by removing the ban on the distribution of 10,000 free vibrators in Times Square by Trojan Vibrations.
US company to give away 10,000 vibrators at NYC 'hot dog' carts  Aug 8, 1:43 pm
New York, August 8 (ANI): Trojan Vibrations, that makes intimate massagers and vibrators, will be distributing 10,000 vibrators on Wednesday and Thursday from carts designed to look like traditional hot dog stands.
Intelligent shock absorbers reduce vibrations and generate power  Jun 5, 6:23 pm
Washington, June 5 (ANI): Engineers are working on intelligent materials that can diminish vibrations and extract power from the environment.
Electricity generated from harmless viruses  May 14, 10:58 am
London, May 14 (ANI): Scientists including one of an Indian origin have made a breakthrough that could lead to tiny devices that harvest electrical energy from the vibrations of everyday tasks such as shutting a door or climbing stairs.
Huggable robot converts your lover's voice into 'heartbeat' pulse  May 4, 2:28 pm
Washington, May 4 (ANI): A Japanese robot designer has invented a plush, mono-legged figure that serves as a medium of interacting remotely with people.
Now, shock absorber that gets power from bumpy road rides  Apr 27, 11:22 am
Washington, Apr 27 (ANI): A mechanical engineering has invented a shock absorber that converts kinetic energy from vibrations into electricity.
Man who felt his dead daughter's presence develops devices to measure it  Apr 25, 3:01 pm
Hartford, Apr 25 (ANI): Gary Galka, an electrical engineer who claims to have felt his dead daughter's presence, has developed hand-held devices that can detect unusual vibrations in a room, temperature variations - "hot and cold spots" - and other effects associated with the paranormal.
Now, implantable medical device to warn patients of impending heart attack  Apr 14, 11:35 am
Washington, April 14 (ANI): Scientists have designed an implantable medical device that alerts users about a potential heart attack through a combination of vibrations, audible tones, and visual warnings.
Hair-cell roots of inner ear communicate with brain to regulate sound sensitivity  Mar 9, 12:45 pm
Washington, March 9 (ANI): Researchers have discovered that the hair cells of the inner ear have a previously unknown "root" extension that may allow them to communicate with nerve cells and the brain to regulate sensitivity to sound vibrations and head position.
'Vision' gene also involved in sensing vibrations  Feb 22, 1:59 pm
Washington, Feb 22 (ANI): Scientists have discovered that a gene known to control lens development is also vital for the development of neurons responsible for mechanosensory - touch sensation - function.