Emma Stone tops Forbes' highest-paid actress list

Updated:1 year, 3 months ago IST

Los Angeles, Aug 17 (ANI): Best Actress Oscar winner Emma Stone takes the top place of Forbes' highest paid actress list ahead of Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence, Rollo Ross reports. Recent best actress winner at the Oscars Emma Stone has proven she is the queen of Hollywood by hitting the top spot of Forbes' annual highest paid actress list. Although, she played a struggling actress in the acclaimed 'La La Land', the reality was she took home $26 million in pre-tax ea ings between June 2016 and June 2017. However, it was a close call. Jennifer Aniston made $25.5 million from Hollywood roles as well as residual income from "Friends" and various endorsement deals. Last year's highest paid actress Jennifer Lawrence has fallen two places but still made $24 million through movie deals as well as her ongoing endorsement deal with Christian Dior. Lawrence is well known to be critical of the pay gap between men and women in Hollywood. Last year's highest paid actor was Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, who had ea ings of $64.5 million - nearly two and a half the amount Emma Stone ea ed this year. The male actors' list is due later this week.

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