Peacocks don't have sex, peahens conceive by drinking peacocks' tears: Rajasthan HC Judge

Updated:1 year, 7 months ago IST

Jaipur (Rajasthan), June 01 (ANI): Rajasthan High Court judge Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma on Wednesday stirred a row after he shared his baffling thoughts on the controversy surrounding slaughtering of the cow and demands of it being declared as the ‘national animal.’ The judge said that peacocks and peahen do not have sex, instead, the peahen drinks the tears shed by its male counterpart. Comparing cow with the peahen, Sharma said that both are similar and pious in this nature, hence, the former should be declared as the ‘national animal.’ Sharma, who suggested to the Centre to declare cow as the national animal, further defended his stance saying 'the cow helps us in every possible way and its milk has always been used to cure various diseases.’


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