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Aadhaar data leak incorrect, misinformed: UIDAI to Delhi HC

ANI | Updated: Feb 14, 2019 22:50 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 14 (ANI): The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Thursday told the Delhi High Court that the reports regarding leak of data related to Aadhaar is incorrect and misinfomed as strongest encryption technology has been used to protect the stored data, which was impossible to decrypt.
Responding to a Public Interest Litigation(PIL) on leaks of Aadhaar data report, the UIDAI said: "The report regarding leakage of Aadhaar data is incorrect and misinformed as strongest encryption technology is used to protect Aadhaar data and it is impossible to extract any information."
"The encryption technology used is 2048 bit which is the strongest encryption and it is impossible to decrypt and extract any information even if enrolment packets are accessible during transit to UIDAI data centre. Data is fully secured at all this time and for further strengthening of security and privacy of data, security audits are conducted on regular basis, and all possible steps are taken to make the data safer and protected," the UIDAI said. 
The UIDAI further said that the petition is maintainable as the Supreme court has already passed the judgement in the matter. "The petitioner is trying to re-agitate the same issues which have been attained finality before the Supreme Court and therefore the present petition deserves to be dismissed with costs."
"There are multiple layers of security at physical level in UIDAI Data centres and is being managed by armed CISF personnel round the clock. The technical architecture of Aadhaar has been structured in such a way, so as to ensure clear data verification, authentication and de-duplication, while ensuring a high level of privacy and information security," it said.
A plea filed by Shamnad Basheer sought damages for data leak and a legal framework to deal with it. It also asked for the right of knowledge of data leak for Aadhaar holders.
Stating that the petition is based on a mere assumption that the general public is likely to be aggrieved, the UIDAI asserted: "The petitioner has not been able to substantiate any grounds or facts to demonstrate how personal data pertaining to the petitioner has failed miserably to demonstrate any grievance whatsoever apart from making generalised sweeping statements about the Aadhaar project and the Aadhaar Act, both of which have been upheld by the Supreme Court."
"In the entire petition, there is not even a mention as to how the petitioner is aggrieved by the actions of the of the UIDAI and how his constitutional rights have been violated to entitle him to damages claimed by him (litigant)," it added. (ANI)