Helen Mirren says she'll love to play Donald Trump

ANI | Updated: Nov 12, 2017 13:09 IST

Helen Mirren says she'll love to play Donald Trump .

Los Angeles [USA], November 12 (ANI): Hollywood veteran Helen Mirren has said she would love to portray Donald Trump on screen sometime in the future .

While speaking at the Loyola Marymount University School of Film and TV's 'The Hollywood Masters' series, the 72-year-old actress, said it "wouldn't be hard" to penetrate Trump's psychology, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

"I'd be so funny as Trump . I love it . I've almost got the hair! I mean what a fascinating character . What an extraordinary character . I mean that's a character isn't it, the real thing? I would say real life is so much more interesting than anything you can make up, you know," noted Mirren .

"But you know, a fantastic sort of slightly Shakespearean character . He may have a Shakespearean fall, I don't know but you know, he is an extraordinary character ."

The 'Collateral Beauty' star added that she didn't foresee getting into the President's head to be much of a challenge .

She said, "I don't think that would be too difficult to penetrate quite honestly . You look at the upbringing . You look at the schooling, the father, the mother . I don't know much about Mr . Trump's background, but if I was to play him, I would definitely start there ."

Donald Trump has been a popular impersonation for decades, even before becoming president, parodied by the likes of Johnny Depp, Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Fallon, Darrell Hammond, and even another Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep .

Mirren, though, would go further than simply an impression, and explained that in order to play a character like Trump right, you have to go way back .

"That's what you have to start with, the child, you know and the child is very much in Trump," explained Mirren .

Meanhwile, on the professional front, Mirren will be next seen in 'The Leisure Seeker' alongside Donald Sutherland . (ANI)