Did you know human tongue has a sixth sense, and it loves pasta?

ANI | Updated: Oct 27, 2017 13:51 IST

Did you know human tongue has a sixth sense, and it loves pasta ?

Washington DC [USA], October 27 (ANI): If you cannot resist eating bread, pasta or potatoes then your taste buds">taste buds need to be blamed, warns a recent study .

According to researchers from Deakin University in Australia, people who are sensitive to the taste of starch eat more of these foods and are likely to be obese .

It has long been thought that we can sense five basic tastes - salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami . But according to the study there is a sixth sense for carbohydrates .

The findings explained that some people can directly detect the taste of starch and they crave for carbohydrates, which is driven by the sugar-fix they provide .

Researcher Julia Low said that they specifically looked at the waist size as a measure for the risk of dietary related diseases .

"Those who were most sensitive to the taste of carbohydrate ate more of these foods and had a larger waist," Low added .

A person is considered overweight, if their body mass index (BMI) is between 25 and 29, and obese if their BMI is 30 and above .

The team analysed 34 adults and discovered that their mouths could sense two common carbohydrates found in bread, pasta and rice .

They also examined how sensitive those people were to that taste, their carbohydrate consumption and overall calorie intake along with waist measurements .

Lead researcher Professor Russell Keast said that greater intakes of energy-dense food is thought to be one of the major contributors to the global rise of overweight and obesity and carbohydrates represent a major source of energy in their diet .

Keast stated that individuals who are more sensitive to the "taste" of carbohydrate also have some form of subconscious accelerator that increases carbohydrate or starchy food consumption .

The research appeared in the Journal of Nutrition . (ANI)