Media is a mean of transforming society: PM Modi

ANI | Updated: Nov 06, 2017 12:06 IST

Media is a mean of transforming society: PM Modi .

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India] Nov 6 (ANI): Media is a mean of transforming society, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday .

Speaking at the 75th anniversary celebrations of Daily Thanthi newspaper at the Madras University, Prime Minister Modi said, "In a broader context, media is a mean of transforming society . That is why we refer to the media as the fourth pillar of democracy ."

The Prime Minister's statement coincides with the recent expose by a newspaper about the alleged off-shore bank accounts of various Indians .

Hailing the role of newspapers, Prime Minister Modi further said, "Today, newspapers do not just give news . They can also mould our thinking and open a window to the world ."

He said that the British rule in India used to muzzle the voice of people by suppressing the newspapers .

"The then British government was fearful of the Indian vernacular press . It was to muzzle vernacular newspapers, that the Vernacular Press Act was enacted in 1878 . The role of newspapers published in regional languages remains as important today, as it was then," said Prime Minister Modi in his speech . (ANI)