'Trust deficit' between Islamabad, Washington: Pak FM

ANI | Updated: Oct 26, 2017 10:54 IST

'Trust deficit' between Islamabad, Washington: Pak FM .

Islamabad [Pakistan], October 26 (ANI): Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has said there was a "huge trust deficit" between Islamabad and Washington over the the conflict in Afghanistan .

"Yes, there is a trust deficit, but we are talking," Asif said, adding that there was a willingness on both sides to bridge this deficit .

According to The Express Tribune, Asif told a leading media outlet that that there were no "safe havens" in Pakistan, after meeting U .S . Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday .

Tillerson made his inaugural visit to Pakistan after Trump accused the country of providing "safe havens" to the terrorists .

Tillerson reiterated United States President Donald Trump's message that Islamabad must increase its efforts to eradicate the militants and terrorists operating within the country .

Addressing the accusation by the U .S . and Afghanistan that Pakistan provides sanctuary to terrorists who plan attacks on Kabul, Asif blamed the 'ineptitude' of America and international forces there for not ending the conflict .

"They do not need our territory anymore . Almost 40 per cent of Afghan territory is now under the direct control of the Taliban," the Foreign Minister added .

According to the report, U .S . military sources suggest the Taliban control about 10 per cent of Afghanistan and contest some 30 per cent of the count .

He also dismissed the possibility of economic sanctions by the U .S . in case it does not tackle the issue of Taliban, saying that Pakistan only received "a trickle" of economic assistance from America .

"We do not get any military hardware from them [the U .S .] . We are not like in the past when we were their proxy," Asif said . (ANI)