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10 podcasts to listen to while you're working from home
10 podcasts to listen to while you're working from home

10 podcasts to listen to while you're working from home

ANI | Updated: Jun 02, 2020 09:33 IST

New Delhi [India] June 2 (ANI/Hubhopper): Tired of watching TV shows, movies, and news? It's time to tune into a podcast -- they're the talk of the town right now.
With a global pandemic afoot and everyone stuck at home all day, we are bound to run out of ways to entertain ourselves. This is the perfect time to start a podcast, or five.
Also, if you are an avid podcast listener, chances are that you are up-to-date on listening to the most recent episode of your favorite podcast, just like your favorite Netflix show.
In any case, we are sure you could use a change in topic or a fresh voice. Seeing as Hubhopper, India's largest platform for podcasts and audio-on-demand, hosts over one million hours of content, they've got you covered.
Here are the top favorites which you can listen on their app or anywhere their platform is integrated:
1. Full Power Show by Roshan Shetty feat. Kaam Janta
To celebrate the good samaritans out there, RJ Roshan, a prominent radio personality, initiated a podcast called Roshan Shetty's Full Power Show feat. Kaam Janta. He believes in staying 'Full Power' all the time. This series is dedicated to spreading positivity in these trying times. Roshan reads some of those happy, positive, healing stories and puts the spotlight on all those selfless people whom he calls 'Kaam Janta'.
2. Popkast by Garima
Calling all the millennials and Gen-Zs, this podcast is for you! It is India's first interactive pop culture podcast. An unapologetic and badass show, where Garima talks about the taboo and breaking the Stree-o-type. From everyday millennial drama to social norms, from 90's music to all things woke. She strives to teach all things that your parents forgot to teach you in life.
3. Words of worth
Tuheena Raj takes you on a journey of understanding and decoding creativity. She raises unasked questions about creativity. Is it undetected plagiarism or more? Pablo Picasso went to the extent of saying that art is theft. Imtiaz Ali, in his movie Tamasha highlighted how stories, the world over are intrinsically the same. So what is creativity, really? What is the genealogy of ideas and is creativity really subtraction or an integral addition that helps in molding and shaping the world for the better? Tuheena will change the way you perceive life.
4. Story time with Soha
India's first celebrity audio show for kids, where Soha Ali Khan reads eight handpicked stories written by Indian authors. Stories have the power to transport the reader to a fantastical, magical land, away from the monotony of daily life. So when you take a trip down the memory lane, get the kids in your house to be occupied with the same.
5. Women In Labour
Women In Labour is one of the most relevant podcasts in today's time. It is a freewheeling, no-holds-barred, comedy podcast that explores taboo topics related to women, work, family, power, and everything in between. Hosted by comedian, Aditi Mittal and filmmaker, Christina MacGillivray, Women In Labour asks questions like, 'Why do women do the most unpaid work in the world?', 'What's stopping us from finding our inner boss?', 'Why do we preface our work emails with "I was just wondering..."?' And the big one: 'what's keeping us away from India's workplaces?
6. Global Local Talks
Global Local Talks is a series featuring the leaders making an impact in the creative industries. It is a riveting podcast brought to you by The German book office of the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the world's largest and most important trade fair for publishing. An insight into the world of creative leaders and the way their industry is driven.
7. Sonalee Sangatey Aika
This is for all the Marathi lovers out there; Sonalee Kulkarni takes you through her life's journey through this podcast. No fabrications, no scripts, no edit, and no filters, it's all non-fiction. It will be a candid conversation every single time, a one-take sharing of thoughts, ideas, opinions, and of course gossip.
8. Haq Se Bolo podcast
Gully Boy gave Indian Hip-Hop artists the attention they deserved and the Haq Se Bolo Podcast gives them the platform they need to talk about their journey. This musical podcast is India's first hip-hop audio and video podcast presented by Rolling Stone India and Qyuki. Candid conversations between India's most influential hip-hop artists and Rolling Stone India Executive Editor Nirmika Singh. Artists include breakout rappers Naezy, Kaam Bhaari and DeeMC, producer Sez On The Beat, hip-hop collectives Swadesi, Dopeadelicz, and The Dharavi Dream Project, among others.
9. Born free & equal
Some of Hindi Cinema's biggest names in dialogue with the Mumbai Director of United for Human Rights, Fraser Scott and South Asia Human Rights Ambassador, Sheena Chohan, in collaboration with Hubhopper, to spread awareness of basic rights with practical information and inspire people with their stories to help create a society of peace, equality and without discrimination.
10. Heart on my sleeve
A personal growth podcast with a mission to help the listeners become the very best version of themselves. Mansha covers an array of topics, ranging from changing habits & mindset to improving the various relationships in one's life, including the one we have with ourselves to health & fitness and finding one's purpose/calling. The idea behind each episode is to inch towards a better life overall!
When you are done with all of these, there are many more where they came from. Just head over to Hubhopper and listen to podcasts -- you might just find some new favorites along the way.
And if you have something to say, then you can make your own podcast with Hubhopper studio. We cater for everything. Happy podcasting!
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