7 tips to score merit ranks in Maths & Science Olympiads
7 tips to score merit ranks in Maths & Science Olympiads

7 top notch tips to score merit ranks in Maths and Science Olympiads

ANI | Updated: Jun 05, 2021 23:37 IST

New Delhi [India], June 5 (ANI/Oswaal Books): The most frequent educational curriculums in the world are knowledge or fact-based curriculums. They don't provide kids with a lot of chances to learn and practise life skills.
Olympiad exams are worldwide competitive examinations that help in developing critical skills and enhancing academic knowledge among the kids.
Leadership, goal-setting, critical and logical thinking, and a variety of other 21st-century skills are assessed and imparted to young kids through global Olympiad Exams such as the International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), English International Olympiad (EIO), and others.
To reach a level of excellence, parents are required to create a knowledge-rich environment for their children. This may include getting proper study material for the kids, educating them about current topics, and more. Let's get into some tips and tricks.
1. Get the best Olympiad study material
When it comes to Olympiad Exams, smart and persistent studying with best Olympiad books are the keys to success. Parents should make their kids indulge in solving Sample Question Papers and Previous Years' Olympiads Questions for extensive practice. This will familiarise them with the paper pattern, typologies of questions and the difficulty levels.
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2. Draw a timetable
Parents should help their children in making a time-efficient routine and follow it religiously. Students who are preparing for any Olympiad should follow a thorough study plan by developing a comprehensive approach for each topic. Besides that, parents should also make sure that no hindrance is caused, unless necessary, in the child's timetable. But it should not just revolve around studying. A healthy timetable should also contain at least 3 breaks of 15 to 20 minutes each.

3. Help children with the understanding of the concept
Parents should help their children in understanding the in-depth concepts and solving problems. Also, taking doubt sessions is an effective practice that can be incorporated by parents. This can be done by creating a safe space for the children.
Most of the problems in the Olympiad tests are based on conceptual facts. Parents should make sure that children study each topic thoroughly to get a thorough comprehension of the concepts and logic at work. Only meticulous preparation will enable students to feel confident and capable of answering the difficult questions that will be posted in any competitive test.
4. Introduce interesting ways to memorise the formulae and theorems
While preparing for Maths and/or Science Olympiads, kids take time to memorise the important formulae and theorems. Parents should think of interesting ways to help the students memorise. For example, everyday Quizzes, random pop-up questionnaires, and more. Writing is also a great way to memorise important concepts. Dictating theorems and making the children write can also help.
5. Review their answers and notes
Be it your school exams, Olympiads, or boards, one thing is evergreen and consistent-- revision notes. Because the Olympiad examinations are based on the school's curriculum, kids should be in the habit of taking down notes and memorising key facts for each topic covered in class. Here, parents should review their child's answers and notes, and encircle any mistakes to help in rectifying them. This brief practice will come in handy for future references, allowing the kids to learn more quickly.
6. Do not put pressure on children
While preparing for competitive exams, students often feel stressed and under pressure. At times, this pressure is transferred from the parents. This should not be the way. As parents, you should let them take timely breaks and enjoy their favourite activities or hobbies. This will enhance their overall performance.
7. Make sure of proper rest
Do not let your kids stay awake at night because of Olympiads, or for any other exam. When they are studying, their brain has to be at peak performance to understand and retain all of the material that is being read and absorbed. As a result, they cannot afford to miss out on sleep, causing their brain to become fatigued and worn out. To keep your child's body and mind fresh at all times, parents should ensure restful sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours and nap frequently.
These are the seven most important things you, as a parent, may use to ensure that your children perform at their highest level and pass with flying colours. There is no requirement for parents to enrol their children in any additional coaching programmes or study sessions to prepare for Olympiad exams. To succeed in these competitive tests, students must have a full comprehension of each topic and concept by studying each topic diligently in class.
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