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All-India bank strike hit services across nation

| Updated: Mar 01, 2017 05:30 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 28 (ANI): The all-India bank strike called by the united forum of bank unions saw the participation of 10 lakh employees and officers from eight foreign banks, 18 private sectors, 27 public sector banks, 56 regional rural banks and co op banks in India. As many as two lakh crore worth cheques are not cleared, cash transactions is crippled and the ATM machines dried after few hours. The bank employees are fighting for NPA bad loan recovery to save public sector to save Indian economy. The all-India strike was a big success and the united forum of bank unions said that their struggle would continue. The unions said their demands relate to the well-being of banks, banking and general public, employees and officers. They said their protest is against structural reforms, privatisation, outsourcing, mounting bad loans and against labour law changes to help only corporates and capitalists and deny workers rights. "It is against denial of wages for the extra hours work done during note ban and demanding full compensation. It is against denial of workman/officer director appointments in banks. It is for wage revision talks. For recruitment, compassionate appointments, five- day a week and for settling pension related issues, NPS, gratuity," said Vishwas Utagi, bank employees leader. (ANI)