Influencers take up the #CleanupWithAmbiPur challenge
Influencers take up the #CleanupWithAmbiPur challenge

Ambi Pur Cleanup Challenge makes influencers say, 'Naak Khol Ke Dekho'

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2020 15:40 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 21 (ANI/NewsVoir): We know that almost 85 per cent of our homes are filled with air. The Indian consumer is very cognizant about health and hygiene, leaving no stone unturned in the cleaning process.
However, there is nothing done to clean the biggest part of our homes - the air! A perfectly clean home can still be unhealthy, because of malodors.
As consumers have been compelled to manage most of the chores themselves, while spending much more time at home over the past few months, Ambi Pur, popular air care brand by P&G, reminds consumers that alongside essential household practices, it is crucial to clear the air you breathe, as the final step to any cleaning routine.
We often believe a space is clean once it looks well-arranged, but if we sense with smell and not just sight, we will see a different picture. The odours left behind in the air can cause ill effects, if we don't consciously clean them away daily.
Most people tend to become 'nose blind', as they eventually get used to the smells around them. Ambi Pur's Odour-Clear Technology eliminates odours from the air, leaving behind a refreshing fragrance.
Television's leading ladies Anita Hasanandani and Krystle Dsouza initiated the Naak Khol Ke Dekho challenge to #CleanUpWithAmbiPur.
Anita shared her experience with users, expressing how due to the lockdown, her workout had shifted from a gym to her home office, causing sweaty and stuffy odours in her space. She further challenged Krystle to participate in the challenge. Krystle mentioned that she has had no time to clean her home, ever since shoots have resumed.

The clutter and closed windows mostly cause stuffy and musty odours. The actresses engaged in daily chores, encouraging users to follow suit. Popular youth bloggers, who believe in doing things themselves at home, such as Radhika Seth, Somya Gupta and Jinal Joshi took up their challenge and consumers have joined them too!
Most people have a designated room or corner of their homes, where they've been spending time - exercising, working, lounging and resting, and when seen with the naked eye these spaces seem spotless. With this challenge, Ambi Pur seeks to inform consumers that along with dusting, decluttering and disinfecting their spaces, the air also needs to be cleared of odours as the final step for a truly clean home.
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Ambi Pur is a leading Air Care brand that offers solutions for consumer air needs in home and car. Ambi Pur products come with a unique odour-clear technology that doesn't mask the odour, but eliminates it leaving behind a delightful scent experience.
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