Ambulance service providers to accept old currency in the current scenario

| Updated: Nov 25, 2016 23:24 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 25 (ANI): After NDA government implemented the demonetization, many lives have changed since. While there have been debates going on over supporting and criticizing this unexpected move, scrutinizing the economic and political aspects and predicting the effects of the same, a very critical problem rose in the wake of the demonetization. Earlier all ambulance services refused to accept old currency, as the demonetization hit, but soon after the government's allowance on the acceptance of old 500 and 1000 currency notes in government hospitals and certain private hospitals, the ambulance service providers took an initiative to accept the old currency from their patients. A lot of cases have been reported where due to the non-acceptance of the old currency patients did not receive the ambulances despite of the availability. "Due to demonetization there has been a lot of confusion between service providers and patients whether the old currency should be accepted or not. And looking at the sensitivity of the problem, most of the ambulance providers are accepting cash in old currency," said Co-founder Lifehover, Pranav Bajaj. "We feel that demonetization should not affect the health and medical conditions of a person," added Bajaj. Realizing the urgency of emergency management, Prerit Mittal, Pranav Bajaj and Ravjot Singh Arora co-founded this empowering App 'LifeHover' which would not only beat the day-to-day challenges of reliability of ambulances, but also serve users within appreciable time. It selects the user's current location; helps maintain the record of medical history, blood group and emergency contact details. Online and pre-booking are additional flexible features that the app offers. (ANI)