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Ask right questions with SurveySparrow
Ask right questions with SurveySparrow

An Adorable Sparrow Asking All the Right Questions: SurveySparrow's Brilliant New Video

ANI | Updated: Mar 08, 2021 20:19 IST

Ernakulam (Kerala) [India], March 8, (ANI/Business Wire India): A million and more would have seen the apples falling. But only Newton asked, "Why? Why do they fall down?"
And that one question revolutionized the way the world was perceived, till then. It opened a gazillion possibilities and smashed a hundred myths.

"Why do I have to call a place when I want to just talk to a person?"
This question from Marty, a young engineer at Motorola, inspired him to invent the first cellular device called "the brick". His invention kick-started the era of personal communication.

When one tries to trace back the genesis of innovation or value creation to its origin, the very beginning, it all started with asking the right questions. After all, isn't that the point? Finding a way to do the things we do better. And that begins with asking the right questions.

The new commercial from SurveySparrow inspires and appreciates just that: Asking the right questions! A theme they've taken straight out of their story of invention & what their company is all about.


Started as the world's first chat survey tool in 2017, SurveySparrow was born out of Shihab Mohammed, Founder & CEO of SurveySparrow, frustration with the boring surveys set in their decade-old format and dull UIs.

Everyone has taken surveys at different points in their time. After a support call, placing an order, visiting a website, and a million more times.

"Why do surveys have to be boring?" He asked the right question three years back, and here they are, a rapidly growing experience platform, with 50,000 customers that delivers end-to-end experience solutions, bagging an explosive growth rate of 307+ percent, even amidst COVID.

What makes SurveySparrow's Ask the Right Question video stand-out is the courage they've shown; to completely leave the spotlight for bringing focus to pressing issues that concern the entire world, rather than launching yet another promotional video for the brand.

How the theme of the video perfectly sits in harmony with SurveySparrow's value is just beautiful.

The hero of the video is an adorably cute sparrow whose questions leave heads burning with questions. The Sparrow seeks the whats, the whys, and the hows, of the world; from the forest fire to melting ice & the COVID pandemic, the Sparrow ensures the viewer misses nothing.

Interestingly, the Sparrow is not shown merely as a spectator, but it turns itself into the first-hand recipient of all the extreme situations portrayed in the video. The video ends by urging the viewer, too, to ask the right question rather than being just a spectator.

From picking up one's favourite cookie from the supermarket aisle to electing a presidential candidate, everything is controlled by people's choices. It is only the right questions that will get the right answers.

How does this policy affect me? Why should I choose this man as my president? What is the better alternative to plastic? How do I reduce my carbon print?

The world is evolving every second, and it can get overwhelming. It's easy to get lost in the mass and lose focus on what matters the most. From human-made calamities to political disasters, everyone has so much information living rent-free in our brain. The AskTheRightQuestion video from SurveySparrow was like a sudden wake-up call. To rethink and reinvent the ways of living.

Most often, the right questions come as disruptive agents, pushing one to cut through years of complacency & challenge the conventions. It's rarely a smooth journey. Whether or not anyone's efforts create a Newton effect or a Marty effect on the world, it can and will inspire more to follow- never to stop asking the right questions.

As Einstein once put it, "The important thing is not to stop questioning".
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