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An intelligent platform initiative of Oasis Fertility on the occasion of World IVF Day 2020

ANI | Updated: Jul 25, 2020 10:56 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India] July 25 (ANI/BusinessWire India): A lot of healthcare systems are scrambling to manage unprecedented patient care demands and disruptions as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to unfold, it is sending a zig-zag wave throughout society and within every industry.
The uncertainty is increasing more than ever. The industries across the board are witnessing new normal which is a very swift and dramatic shift. Going contactless is the new vogue.
From food pick up to virtual meeting to cashless transactions the virus has not only changed how one can interact with one another but also our perception of what it means to be safe.
Healthcare is no exception, it has been seen that some rapid shifts and solutions happening around the way healthcare is behaving in the country today, tele-consulting has increased by almost 70 per cent, remote patient monitoring has gained popularity and home health getting the due prominence.
Within the healthcare industry lies the subset of fertility space, Oasis Fertility precisely operates in this space and is proud to launch the first time ever "Contact Less - Patient Engagement" initiative, using its high tech platform on the occasion for World IVF day.
Oasis Fertility has a very deep understanding of what our customer needs and the fact that Fertility treatment is a long term journey. The customer journey and engagement with the Centre is at least for about six months on average.

During this period the couples are supposed to visit the centre numerous times and spend time understanding the treatment protocols.
"Our contactless patient engagement begins even before the patient comes to our centre for the very first time, The patient is given access to self-register, check-in and will be given a virtual tour of the clinic so that the next time he/she walks in there is a familiarity which sets in, while he/she is meeting the fertility specialist for the first time, he/she gets the bio profile of the specialist on his/her WhatsApp so that he/she is fully aware of the doctor with whom he/she is consulting," said Dr Durga G Rao - Medical Director and Co-Founder of Oasis Fertility.
"In fertility treatment, it is very important for the aspiring IVF couples is to understand the treatment options available, the treatment milestones and compare their status against an expected journey. This intelligent tool enables the patients to receive highly personalized and specific communication at the exact touchpoints required. More importantly, this is achieved in the most widely used communication medium (WhatsApp). This contactless patient engagement is another key addition and perfectly complements our strong information technology platform of Oasis Fertility," added Kiran Gadela, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Oasis Fertility.
"We at Oasis Fertility are excited about this initiative and proud to announce that this is first of its kind of innovation which has never happened in Fertility Space and what an occasion to launch this initiative as the world is celebrating the World IVF Day," added Dr Krishna Chaitanya - Scientific Head and Clinical Embryologist - Oasis Fertility.
World IVF Day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of the first test-tube baby of the world Louise Brown who was born to this couple in Royal Oldham Hospital, United Kingdom.
Today Louis Brown is a proud mother of two sons who were conceived naturally and celebrating her 42nd Birthday. She is the first among 7.5 million and still counting babies who have been born through IVF.
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