Angel Broking launches ARQ - a wealth management engine for retail investors

| Updated: Sep 07, 2016 20:52 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Sept. 7 (ANI-Newsvoir): Angel Broking, India's leading retail brokerage firm, today announced launch of 'ARQ' - a first-of-its-kind, intelligent and predictive investment engine for retail investors that is powered by the combined strength of machine learning, cutting-edge cognitive technology and deep industry insights. ARQ uses Algorithms, Quant and Noble price Winning Modern Portfolio theory to enable personalized investment advice based on individual's financial goals and risk profile, by taking advantage of the diversification benefits among different asset classes. ARQ processes a massive amount of data to recommend only the best investment strategy out of billions of possible combinations. It makes use of advanced algorithms and processing power to back-test the predictive power of the widest possible universe of investment variables. Angel's back-tests and simulations have amply demonstrated that ARQ performs exceptionally well in different market conditions, consistently outperforming the benchmarks by significant margins. Speaking on the occasion, Vinay Agrawal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Angel Broking, said, "Successful investing in stock market requires a lot of tenets to come together - the essential knowledge of market behavior, massive amount of data to sift through and interpretation of a wide universe of investment philosophies and techniques competing to identify the out-performers. If this was not intimidating enough for an investor, he also has to face countless strong opinions and even tips from people around him, leading to impulsive decisions and deviation from another most essential tenet to success - disciplined investing." "Bringing all these tenets together is beyond human capabilities - even eminent fund managers cannot handle this complexity - only a well-designed and powerful machine can do this - similar to how Deep Blue could beat the best chess grand masters in the world and Google AI could beat the best Go master in the world. Angel Broking identified this need and put its best data scientists, technology experts, market researchers and deep industry experience at work for more than a year and built the revolutionary investment engine - ARQ," he added. Angel Broking has heavily invested in digital transformation in last two years. The firm has also built an internal team of technology experts which consists of Data Scientists, Programmers, Developers and talent from E-Commerce Start-ups. Explaining why the ARQ is an ideal choice for retail investors, Agrawal said , "Many retail investors start investing in equities when they see others making a killing and end up entering at the high point of the markets, only to sell in a panic later. This is the classic Greed & Fear cycle. They also tend to make some other common mistakes such as trying to time the market, looking for short-term speculative gains, getting influenced by macro-economic noises etc. With an automatic, online, algorithm-driven investing tool like ARQ, a retail investor can take emotions out of the equation and benefit from equities as an asset class with a disciplined investment approach." Another significant benefit of the ARQ is its cost-effectiveness for investor. Thanks to the use of advanced technology, its competitive advantage is that it costs much lesser and provide an unbiased professional advice without the limitation of minimum investment amount as compared to traditional wealth managers, thus making high-quality advice more accessible to wider population. At the minimum, ARQ's equity strategies start with 3 portfolios that provide substantial out-performance to the benchmarks, thus allowing even small investors to self-manage their portfolios without any asset management fees. Hence, it is the most suitable alternative for retail investors. Explaining how ARQ makes equities more accessible to retail investors, Dinesh Thakkar, Chairman and Managing Director, Angel Broking said, "With ARQ, even the first-time investors can make small beginnings into the world of equities, with their desired levels of risk suitable to their stage of life and goals. This helps retail investors to get familiarized with the power of equities to generate the highest returns compared to other asset classes over the longer run and help them replicate this performance in their own portfolios through a scientific, disciplined approach." Angel Broking's robust Digital Platforms - Online / Web application / Mobile APP & TAB are now powered by ARQ. Angel Broking has been re-inventing itself as a technology-driven retail brokerage with "Digital" as the central theme of its transformation. The company's recent successful roll-outs include digital initiatives such as D-KYC, Digi-Pitch, Trade-in-1hr, #CustomerService on Twitter and Facebook, all aimed at making the organization more customer-friendly, agile and efficient. While some of these initiatives are focused on Customer Acquisition, Servicing and Marketing, the company has also launched digital initiatives aimed at strengthening its Human Resources. Angel Broking Pvt. Ltd. is today one of the leading Indian stock broking houses, with a focus on retail business and a commitment to provide "real value for money" to its clients. The Angel Broking Group is a member of the BSE, NSE and the country's two leading commodity exchanges, the NCDEX and MCX. Angel Broking provides a wide range of personalized wealth-management and investment services to its retail clients. These include Stock and Commodity Trading, Portfolio Advisory and Management Services, Investment Advisory Services, Distribution of Mutual Funds, IPOs, Personal Loans and Insurance, as well as E-broking & Depository services - all supported by intensive research and a six sigma-backed Quality Assurance program. Angel Broking Group provides its value-added services to over a million individual retail investors through its nationwide network of 100+ branches, 9200+ registered sub-brokers/business associates and an all India employee strength of 4500+. Angel Broking has one of the largest trading terminal bases (16,308 terminals) in the country, and the largest sub-broker network on the NSE, clocking one of the largest volumes in the industry. The company's shareholders include International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private investment arm of the World Bank. (ANI-Newsvoir)