Chirag Tyagi, Creative Director and Founder of WildRogers
Chirag Tyagi, Creative Director and Founder of WildRogers

Animal friendly wardrobe with WildRoger

ANI | Updated: Sep 26, 2019 17:57 IST

Panipat (Haryana) [India] Sept 26(ANI/NewsVoir): A new fashion brand, WildRoger, is all set to put their best foot forward in the industry with an extremely unique approach and inspiration - their 'Love for animals'.
The agenda of Wildroger is to raise awareness about animal abuse and protect wildlife. To start with, WildRogers will be embracing an omni-channel retail strategy as it plans to launch it's first-ever collection on September 20th.
The company's products will be available to be sold across several key e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and on their website as well.
Wildrogers's logo comprises of an Eagle, which showcases their clear focus and determination about saving animals, qualities which the kind of birds showcases after setting its target on anything. The inspiration behind their tagline, 'Find Your Wild' is also very interesting.
It depicts one's passion for identifying yourself and working for saving wild animals and the environment. They believe, the better the environment, the better the growth of mankind.
"Wildroger is the clothing brand started with the sole purpose of helping the wildlife. Our objective is to focus on encouraging wildlife more than advertising the good. The vision is to love animals. The agenda is to protect animals and love them. We strongly believe that animals have the same rights on earth as other species have. Therefore, the purpose of Wildroger is to stop cruelty and save animals and we will not stop until we see the changes. We are here to serve for the betterment of animals so let's find your Wild," said Chirag Tyagi.
"Nature is part of the universe and the most significant element of this nature is the wildlife. This nature works in a system, in a cycle which makes the sustainability of both mankind and wildlife possible. For instance, the basic food webs are essential tools in understanding that plants and animals are the establishments of all ecosystems and food chains, nurturing life by contributing nourishment and oxygen needed for survival and reproduction. But now, hideous selfish acts of humans such as slaughtering, lynching etc are taking over this world which does nothing but hurts Animals and disturbs the natural cycles by reducing their population. That needs to be controlled before it's too late, and our brand is just a small initiative to draw people's attention towards this issue," he added.
WildRoger USP is the unique and beautiful animal-print clothing which they want people to wear as a symbol of equality between humans and animals and promote animal-wellbeing as well. They want people to understand the pain and fear of animals by letting them get in their skin.
Chirag Tyagi is a digital marketer by profession and the Creative Director and Founder of WildRogers and heads the brand's strategy as well.
With his expertise in the field of marketing and his love and passion for Animals, he is bringing his brand's vision to life. Although this is just the start, Chirag is full of zeal and determination about changing how humans treat animals.
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