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Apprison is the solution for mobile addiction, increases corporate productivity, exam focus and quality family time

ANI | Updated: Dec 23, 2019 16:33 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 23 (ANI/PRNewswire): Apprison is a gamified, empowering free app for mobile deaddiction launched on 19 December at Plaksha Tech Leaders campus at Gurgaon.
In a world reeling under mobile addiction, Jagrit Surisetti and Jayesh Surisetti, two young entrepreneurs, came up with Apprison - a gamified, engaging app that seeks to empower individuals, corporates and families to increase productivity, digital wellbeing and happiness.
Research says that 26 per cent on office time is lost in use of digital devices on social media or use of distracting apps. Apart from this, mobile addiction is considered to be the major distraction during exam season. It has also been seen that some family relationships are also affected by excessive mobile use.
After noticing a widespread need for digital wellbeing, Jagrit Surisetti, a computer engineer by profession and a fellow of the Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship, came with this idea to create a solution that could empower the user to control his mobile usage. He then created Apprison that was cofounded with Jayesh Surisetti, an IIM alumnus and eminent psychologist Dr Jawahar Surisetti.
The aim is to launch the app in December so that students and their parents could use the free app during the ensuing exam period to focus more on studies and put their mobile usage in control while gaining incentives for their controlled usage.
Apprison is different than the few other apps in the segment because it not just identifies the problem but suggests the solution based on the analytics. For corporates, this forms a major tool not just to increase efficiency, but also to find the major timings of distraction and the major apps of social media that distract the user.
As a policy, corporates could improve the wellness of their employees by making aware their distractions and suggesting ways to improve efficiency. The home usage of this app could be used to improve quality family time. A happy family is a desirable norm for a more efficient employee. The analytics of Apprison can help employee performance, plot increasing or decreasing efficiency and productivity.
Apprison looks to work on digital wellbeing at home, office and education and create an atmosphere where responsible usage of mobile increases thereby reducing health hazards too.
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