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Arshiya Ltd ready to tackle container congestion at ports, won't charge ground rent for container storage

ANI | Updated: Apr 21, 2020 10:47 IST

New Delhi [India] April 21 (ANI/Mediawire): As India's effective steps to stabilise Covid-19 situation brings accolades from international borders, it is now the Government of India's efforts to reboot Indian economy that is considered most crucial at this stage.
Facing lack of labour, multiple problems in transportation with driver in-availability, congestion at Ports, Container Freight Stations (CFS) and Inland Container Depots (ICDs), these big issues are a major concern for the commerce and labour ministry to handle ahead.
Seeking solutions, the port authorities and Commerce Ministry in India has been eagerly looking forward to have capable partners who can deal with evacuation of cargo and its onward delivery.
During lockdown, Arshiya FTWZ in Panvel and Khurja (NCR) has been operational as per the GOI guidelines. Currently, amidst partial relaxation of lockdown, Arshiya Ltd's workforce is dealing with removal of container congestion at JNPT / CFS and ICD in NCR attracting much appreciation from port authorities, domestic and international clients.
Ajay Mittal, Chairman & Managing Director, Arshiya Ltd is confident that the situation can be tackled with strategic plans in place. "Arshiya Ltd is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to decongest the ports/ CFSs/ ICDs in West and North India. In national interest, we will not be charging any ground rent for container storage and have spare capacity to store over 10,000 containers. Today, empty containers going back into circulation is a big problem and we have the right solution for the same through our the Free Trade and Warehousing Zones (FTWZs), allowing de-stuffing of import cargo. Together, we will win the war against COVID-19 sooner than later. Stay Safe and all the very best", he said.
Keeping in mind about Government of India's notification to companies and units that are located in access-controlled SEZs, EOUs and industrial townships to begin work, Arshiya Ltd promised to continue its awe-inspiring work through its Free Trade and Warehousing Zones.
The team at Arshiya Ltd is currently processing solutions given to clients and intends to continue supporting client-based import operations in India.
Ensuring health and safety norms at their warehouses, leading facilities offered by Arshiya Group's services includes Free Trade & Warehousing Zones (FTWZs). Rail & Rail infrastructure, industrial & domestic hub, forwarding, supply chain technology and handling procedures.
Arshiya Ltd's solution for containers congested near JNPT and Delhi NCR
* Movement by road from JNPT/CFS near JNPT and by road or rail from current ICDs to Khurja ICD.
* De-stuff cargo in either JNPT or Khurja FTWZ without payment of duty.

* File BoE only for the cargo that needs to move out and pay duty accordingly.
* Return empty containers to shipping lines as soon as possible on arrival at FTWZ
* Avoid penalties of detention and demurrage.
* Value proposition for shipping line near Delhi /NCR
* Movement from current ICD to Khurja ICD (with client consent).
* De-stuff cargo in FTWZ without payment of duty of the client (with client consent).
* Client to file BoE only for the cargo that needs to move out and pay duty accordingly.
* Empty containers in circulation as soon as possible on arrival at Khurja.
* Efficient supply chain and planning for arrival and departure of ships.
Situational readiness is a guarantee at Arshiya Ltd. The able team is now ready to partner with interested clients to tackle COVID-19 pandemic and usher a brighter tomorrow for India and the world.
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