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Avail Multi-Deposit facility by investing in Bajaj Finance FD

ANI | Updated: Jul 23, 2019 18:02 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India] July 23(ANI/BusinessWire India): Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is now offering multi-deposit facilities to help investors ladder their investments easily.
You can now invest in up to 5 FDs with a single cheque, wherein you can choose different tenors and periodic payout frequencies.
As a go-to investment for individuals seeking guaranteed high returns with safety, Bajaj Finance FD is especially popular with more than 1,45,000 FD investors contributing towards a book size of more than Rs 13,000 crores.
By investing in this fixed deposit, you can get returns of up to 8.60 per cent, which go up to 8.95 per cent for senior citizens. Depending on your goals, you can choose tenor between 12 to 60 months for your investment. You can further augment your wealth by investing in multiple Bajaj Finance FDs. Take a look at how this is beneficial.
Start laddering your investments
Laddering your FD investments is all about investing in FDs that mature at different tenure. There are many advantages of investing via this method. Laddering enables you to meet financial obligations with the help of a matured investment, instead of having to prematurely withdraw from an investment.
This means that instead of investing a large corpus for a long tenure, you can split the sum into multiple smaller investments and have them mature at different periods to enjoy liquidity for your different needs.
What are the returns that you can expect?
Depending on your customer profile, tenor and payout frequency, Bajaj Finance offers different FD interest rates. To understand this better, assume that you are a new customer looking to invest Rs 15 lakhs in 2 FDs of 2 years and 3 years respectively.
Listed below are the returns you can get, on this investment.

You can also choose payouts as per your convenience, to benefit from periodic payouts. Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is one of the safest investment options, wherein you can look for high stability and growth of your investments.
Is investing in multiple FDs easy?
Investing in multiple Bajaj Finance FDs is quite easy, as you can benefit from multi-deposit facility.
By issuing a single cheque, you can invest in two, three or even five FDs. Best of all; you can decide the payout frequency, tenure and amount for each. This makes laddering FDs extremely convenient. What's more, you can prematurely withdraw from a single deposit in case of an emergency, without disturbing the other deposits or simply avail a loan of up to Rs 4 lakh against your Bajaj Finance FD.
You can also benefit from an auto-renewal facility, wherein you can renew your deposits, right at the time of investing. You can start investing with just Rs 25,000.
Whether you are a mid-career professional, a first-jobber or a senior investor, Bajaj Finance FD can certainly, add value to your portfolio. To get started, all you have to do is fill an online application form and a representative will get in touch with you.
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