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Bajaj Finance fixed deposit have MAAA (stable) rating from ICRA

ANI | Updated: Mar 25, 2019 16:46 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], March 25 (ANI/ BusinessWireIndia): ICRA, a credit rating agency, offers ratings to fixed deposits of companies that can help guide investors in making the right decisions when it comes to investing money in FDs. These ratings are extremely crucial, as fixed deposits with companies are unsecured in nature and unlike bank fixed deposit it is not covered by a guarantee from the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India.
Higher ratings suggest that the company does not default on the payment of the principal as well as the interest amount. It also has good credibility in the market.
MAAA ratings (stable) are considered as one of the highest ratings that are given to fixed deposit products of companies. Bajaj Finance Ltd, the lending and investment arm of Bajaj Finserv, is been accredited with ICRA's MAAA (stable) rating and Crisil's FAAA/Stable rating. These ratings indicate the lowest investment risk and highest safety for the investors. Along with the highest safety rating, Bajaj Finance Ltd offers many other benefits like the highest interest rates, a minimum deposit of Rs 25000, flexible tenor and period payout options.
Bajaj Finance Ltd is offering interest rate up to 9.10% with a flexible investment tenor of 12 to 60 months. The company also offers a 15-month special tenor Fixed Deposit that offers 0.25% more than the ROI of a 12-month FD. Senior Citizen enjoys an additional 0.35% over the regular interest rate.
Benefits of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit:
Minimum investment and higher return.
The customer can invest a minimum deposit of Rs 25000 for a tenor ranging between 12 to 60 months, to suit their financial needs. Bajaj Finance fixed deposits a lucrative interest rate of 8.75%, which can go up to 9.10%.
High Stability and Credibility
Bajaj Finance fixed deposit has been accredited with ICRA's MAAA (stable) rating and Crisil's FAAA/Stable rating, which indicates high stability of the company. These ratings are derived basis the debt repayment capacity of the issuer along with their fund hooding capacity and their overall credibility in the market.
Higher interest for senior citizens and renewals
Senior citizens enjoy an extra 0.35% over and above the regular interest rate on Bajaj Finance fixed deposits. Bajaj Finance Ltd also offers an extra 0.25% interest on the renewal of the fixed deposits.
Periodic payout options
When investing in Bajaj Finance FDs, customer not only gets to choose the option to gain from periodic interest payouts but also get to choose the frequency as per the convenience.
Auto Renewal option
Bajaj Finance Ltd offers an auto-renewal option wherein a fixed deposit is renewed for the same period and same interest rate if the customer chooses not to withdraw.
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