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Bdiapers India

Bdiapers India launches India's first hybrid cloth diapers with disposable inserts

ANI | Updated: Sep 17, 2020 18:44 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], September 17 (ANI/BusinessWire India): India's 1st and only cloth diapers cover with chemical free disposable nappy pads.
Bdiapers has a patented design of diapers that provide the health of cloth and the convenience of disposables in a single diaper that is affordable, eco-friendly and trendy.
What is a Bdiapers Hybrid?
Hybrid Diapers are simply cloth shell covers with disposable or reusable inserts. Bdiapers is a patented design of hybrid diaper that works in a 2-part system with a cloth cover and a waterproof pouch that holds the disposable nappy pad. The cloth part being purely ornamental doesn't need a wash until soiled.
The waterproof pouch that holds the reusable or disposable inserts are leak proof and unlike plastic they not 'crack' over several hundreds of washes. The pouch helps separate the "cloth" from the "diaper" making it as close as possible to a disposable. The disposable inserts sold with the covers are bleach, fragrance and dye free making them hypoallergic and easy on the baby's delicate skin. Each and every aspect of the diaper is carefully designed stressing on safety and comfort.

Bdiapers was designed by Amrita Vaswani, mother of 2 boys who was tired of chemicals in disposables that were causing rashes on her baby. "I wanted the best for my child, but cloth diapers were inconvenient, and the premium price tags on organic disposables were mocking my frugality!" she says. Bdiapers was designed to provide mothers in India a rash free, leak proof diapering solution that is healthy, affordable and eco-friendly at the same time.
The cloth shells allow for flow of air, reducing growth of bacteria, while the plant cellulose based nappy pads are toxin free hence hypoallergenic. Bdiapers Hybrid Diapers mimic the functionality of a disposable diaper while reducing the exposure to chemicals for babies and thereby chance of rashes and allergies. The shell covers come in sizes from S to XL, and the company has a large pack of disposables inserts refills for moms who like to save.
The diapers are sold with matching T-shirts to make them complete as clothing, rather than just an accessory. "We realized babies up to two years were mostly at home, and in diapers, and wanted to bring a line of "functional fashion" for babies to look cute and trendy, and be comfortable and healthy at the same time," says Amrita Vaswani. The T-shirts are designed with 'envelope neck' to make it easy to wear on very small babies. They are also made with custom length so they don't ride up every time a baby is carried. Together the Diaper cover + matching T-shirt is comfort wear for small babies.
Apart from the hybrid diaper covers and inserts, the company also has several unique accessories to supplement an eco-friendly mother's healthy diapering journey. For example, the SafetyB Silicone Diaper Fasteners help prevent poking hazards from metal safety pins. These are sold with the Bdiapers Organic Muslin New-born Nappies.
The company also has a Soothing Bottom Wash Spray, which is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes and the Organic Roll-On Diaper Rash Balm, which is a daily use skin nourishing organic balm to prevent rashes and allergies. Each and every product in Bdiapers collection is unique, and designed to be functional, practical and keeping in mind the convenience of a busy mom.
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