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Be money-wise and invest a portion of your salary in a Bajaj Finance fixed deposit

ANI | Updated: Jun 03, 2019 13:36 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], June 3 (ANI/ BusinessWire India): Building a substantial savings corpus and generating a source of wealth through it, is one of the primary financial goals of most of the salaried individuals.
Fixed Deposits (FD) has always been considered as one of the safest financial instrument to serve the purpose of parking one's savings, making it one of the most favourable investment choices for the salaried population. Offered by almost all banks and NBFCs, fixed deposit term ranges from a week to up to 10 years. Depending on one's financial capacity or requirement, the individual is required to invest a certain sum of money in one go and the interest rate is factored depending on the investment amount and the term period.
Fixed Deposits is also a money-wise choice for salaried individuals as:
1. Short-term investment fixed deposit scheme safeguards the investor's funds against inflation.
2. It's a reliable long-term investment that allows you to save money for a longer tenor as it restricts one to withdraw the money before maturity.
3. The investment is entitled to a higher rate of interest as compared to a regular savings account.
4. One can avail a loan of up to approximately 75 per cent of their FD amount.
5. It also enables an investor to secure a credit card with a credit limit equivalent to up to a considerable percentage of the FD sum.
6. Fixed Deposit Interest is earned monthly, quarterly, annually or at the time of maturity.
The fixed deposit offers by Bajaj Finance are flexible, stable, and credible and also provides one of the most lucrative and assured interest rates and returns in the industry today. Some of the key elements that make Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits one of the top picks are:
1. The minimum deposit required to invest in a Bajaj Finance fixed deposit is Rs 25,000 making it extremely easier to invest even for the fresher's segment of the salaried lot. One can start out with this minimum deposit amount, and gradually step up the investments, with better returns over a period of time.
2. With Bajaj Finance fixed deposits, one can choose a term period ranging from 1 - 5 years, depending on one's financial requirements. The Flexible Tenor period is favourable to one's liquidity needs and allows one access to higher cash inflow. The 15 months special tenure fixed deposit offered by Bajaj Finance offers an interest rate that is 0.05 per cent more than the ROI of a 12-month FD.
3. The fixed deposits by Bajaj Finance fixed deposits provides a rewarding interest rate of 8.60 per cent, which can go up to 8.95 per cent. This nature of a reliable and secured interest flow allows a salaried person to manage their expenses easily. Owing to this high-interest rate on fixed deposit, one can accumulate their wealth and develop their investment corpus.
4. The Bajaj Finance FD is not vulnerable to market volatility and assures gains on one's investment. It is also rated high on stability and safety with ICRA's MAAA (stable) and CRISIL's FAAA Stable rating making it one of the most risk-free investment options.
5. The online application process and online account management option makes the Bajaj Finance FD option efficient, convenient and simple right from the time of minimal document application till seamlessly managing and tracking the investment on a sustained basis.
6. Bajaj Finance fixed deposit is available in over 200 plus branches spanned over 200 cities of India making it one of the most accessible fixed deposit funds.
7. The fixed deposit calculator feature helps one to evaluate the returns in advance providing the much-needed clarity to plan investments and finances.
8. The fixed deposit option by Bajaj Finance has a specially designed option for the senior citizens that allow them the eligibility for an additional rate of interest which is 0.35 per cent higher than the regular interest rate.
Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit for women and children can enable a secure future for the family, and hassle-free education for children.
Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers one of the highest interest rates in India, coupled with high safety ratings and guaranteed safety of one's principal amount.

Rate Basis Customer Category:
1. Plus 0.35 per cent for senior citizens.
2. Plus 0.25 per cent for Bajaj Finance Ltd customers, the existing policyholders of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance and Bajaj Group employees.
3. The renewal charges of plus 0.10 per cent over and above the interest rate at which the deposit is booked.
One can also choose from cumulative FD Vs non-cumulative FD depending on their specific requirement of interest period and term maturity.
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