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BetOnIndia Technology Private Limited announces the launch of CareVision™ - the world's first ei (emotionally intelligent) smart home camera

ANI | Updated: Jun 24, 2020 09:41 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], June 24 (ANI/PRnewswire): BetOnIndia Technology today announced the launch of CareVision, the first ever innovative consumer electronics product made in India to be launched globally.
CareVision is a smart home camera and that has advanced EI (emotionally intelligent) features built on top of advanced AI hardware. CareVision goes beyond home security and gives parents the ability to stay updated and in touch with their loved ones while away from home.
"From day one we built CareVision with the vision that a smart home camera must be useful every day like every other device (TV, phone, speakers etc) in your home. The fundamental problem we see with existing home cameras is that due to a security mindset they deliver either fragmented videos/alerts or the full 24/7 video neither of which is very useful to parents to review the events in their home," said Chandru Bolaki, Founder, BetOnIndia Technology.
"We deliver patented summaries that are continuously updated through which parents can easily review the events around their loved ones while they are away from home. We are also proud to be the first team ever in India's history to launch an innovative consumer electronics product that has been completely designed and developed in India," Chandru Bolaki further said.
"CareVision's unique combination of AI and EI features will allow the users to be "proactive" instead of "reactive" and will give our users peace of mind that they will never miss any important events with their loved ones at home," said C S Raghunandan, CTO, CareVision.
"We at Fracktal are passionate about building world class products in India for India and are delighted to be part of the CareVision hardware design and development journey. The message of Atmanibharan strongly resonates with us in our 3D printer business and we are happy to see the launch of Carevision on the global stage," said Vijay Varada/Rohit Asil, Founders, Fracktal Works.
Major Features of CareVision™:

  • Patented Summaries: Keeps you updated on your loved ones throughout the day
  • Call button/Panic Alarm: Your loved ones can reach you anytime with a button press
  • Real time two way video/audio: Communicate with your loved ones as if you are with them
  • Live Window Updates: Ability to monitor your loved ones anytime/anywhere
  • Best in Class AI hardware: Great software features built on top of the best AI hardware
  • Portability: Use CareVision™ anywhere using the built in rechargeable battery
  • Local Storage: All information stored/delivered from the SD card eliminating cloud fees

CareVision will be available across the world (on in July 2020, at $99 (INR 7500).
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